7 Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Huawei

What Is Huawei? Surprising Facts About

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When most of us think smartphone, we think Apple. Maybe Samsung, or in a push, HTC. But the name of the largest telecommunications manufacturer in the world is Huawei.

The Chinese-based company is currently the third largest smartphone company, behind Samsung and Apple, although it also makes corporate and telecommunications equipment, and its R&D department is over 75,000 strong. Read on to discover more about this surprising company that’s nipping at Apple and Samsung’s heels.

1) They increased their earnings by 30% in 2010 alone

Most of this growth is attributed to expansion into overseas markets, including the U.S., as markets outside China now account for the majority of its profits. To put that into perspective, in 2010, Huawei accounted for 15.7% of the global $78.5 billion global carrier market.

2) Their founder worked for the People’s Liberation Army

Ren Zhengfei founded the company when he was 42 years old, and was working for the PLA as a military technologist. The name he chose for it roughly translates to “Chinese achievement.” At 71, he’s still the president of the company.

3) Their CEO sees no point in smartwatches — even though his company just made one 

Huawei’s CEO, Eric Xu, recently announced at their analyst summit in Shenzhen that the company would be releasing a smartwatch, the Huawei Watch 2, and then followed it up by saying, “I’m not a man who wears watches, and I’ve never been optimistic about this market. In fact, I’ve never figured out why we need to wear smartwatches when everything we need is on our phones.”

4) They’re now set to compete with Amazon and Alibaba as well 

Huawei is now planning on expanding into Public Cloud services, which puts them in direct competition with Amazon and Alibaba. They are already in the private cloud sphere, and expect their cloud computing revenue to reach 10 billion Yuan (about $1.5 million) by 2020.

5) Their R&D center on the Shenzhen campus is known as the “White House”

This is due to the building’s eerily similar facade. In addition, their 50,000 strong Shenzhen staff get fed by eight canteens, and are allowed mattresses under their desks for power naps.

6) They partnered with Google 

Huawei collaborated with Google to create the Nexus 6P, which is considered one of the greatest Android phones ever made. Although their partnership with Google ended in October 2016, it opens doors for future partnerships for the company.

7) They plan to be the global smartphone leader in five years 

This may not be too far off. While Samsung and Apple both saw declines in their smartphone shipments in 2015, Huawei saw an increase of 10 million units.