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These WiFi Lighting Systems Could Be a Great First Step to Creating a Smart Home

WiFi Lighting Systems take your home to the next level by allowing you to control the lighting from anywhere at any time. The smart, voice-activated strip lights work by connecting to your Alexa or Google Home device where you can command them to control a wide range of functions including dimming, brightness, color, modes and more.

Below are a few different, yet highly-rated lighting systems. The WiFi strip lights may be widely known for their extensive use at hotels, clubs and shopping malls, however, these have been optimized for easy and convenient home use. Once setup is complete, your phone will be able to control the LED lights with a simple app. This will allow all sorts of customization such as music activated-color changing, setting lighting schedules and even emergency and security lighting.

The WiFi smart light switch also allows you to control your lights and other fixtures using an app and is voice-control enabled to work with all the main digital assistants. Simply switch out your standard light switch, download the app and have fun customizing.

1. Kasa Smart Light Switch by TP-Link

The Kasa Smart Light Switch by TP-Link is a WiFi-enabled light switch that allows you to control your lights, ceiling fans and other fixtures from anywhere. This switch installs as easily as your traditional light switches and connects to your home WiFi through the Kasa Smart app. The light switch also lets you manage connected fixtures with your smartphone or voice via Amazon’s Alexa.

PROS: This smart light switch comes with an easy guided install via the app with step-by-step instructions.

CONS: The light plate is slightly larger than most standard lighting plates.

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2. HitLights Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights

The HitLights Smart WiFi Strip Lights Kit contains an LED light strip, power supply and an Alexa/Google compatible controller. This device allows you to connect to your digital assistant to use voice control to modify the color, brightness and modes of your strip lights to your preference. These strip lights can be used almost anywhere in your house, and once the easy installation is complete, your phone will be able to control the LED strip anytime and anywhere via WiFi.

PROS: You can conveniently control your lighting with timer settings that allow you to schedule when you want your lights turned on or off.

CONS: These are not optimized for Apple products as of yet.

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3. Gosund Smart WiFi Led Lights

These waterproof LED Strip Lights by Gosund include over 16 feet of lighting, an AC adapter, a splitter, a remote control and a WiFi receiver. Also included is durable adhesive tape backing, specifically designed to stick and last on most surfaces. Compatible with Alexa, iOS 6.0+ and Android 2.3+, you can control the lighting, create your own color and modes and make the lights sync with music or voice via your mobile device. Simply download the proprietary app and get your creative juices flowing.

PROS: These lights make for great emergency and security lighting as well.

CONS: Two individual sets of these lights cannot be placed together should you want a bigger lighting area.

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