Say Goodbye To Dim Photos With This Wireless Flash For Your Smartphone

Wireless Flash iBlazr 2
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* Works with native camera apps on iOS and Android through Bluetooth 4.0
* Brightness and temperature adjustment
* Stylish compact design

Whether you’re an avid Instagrammer, party goer, photographer, journalist or just someone who loves to capture moments with your smartphone, having quality, well-lit photos are what elevates your photos from drab to fab. With the iBlazr 2 LED Wireless Flash you can now take your smartphone’s camera quality to the next level. As the second generation of the iBlazr flash series, this upgraded version boasts a superior light source for smartphones and tablets alike.

Wireless Flash iBlazr 2

The beauty of this product is that it works straight out of the box — no complicated setup required. To get started, simply connect your device’s Bluetooth and set it to iBlazr 2 to launch the native camera app. By tapping the iBlazr device twice, it will beam a powerful 500 lumens flash that syncs up with your camera’s shutter. Impressively, iBlazr 2 is the only flash that works with native camera apps across iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones.

The iBlazr flash provides a stunning 300 Lux on 1m in Flash mode (2X more than a smartphone flash) and 150 Lux in Constant light mode (up to 10X more than a smartphone video light).

It’s even got a physical touch sensor that lets you adjust the light color temperature from 3200K to 5600K — basically, it automatically adjusts the brightness and temperature on your device so you can take better photographs, no matter the situation. Shooting a video with your phone or tablet? The same manual flexibility applies in video mode as well.

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