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Introducing The Flash Drive of The Future

* A wireless flash drive for backing up your phone, tablet and computer data
* Connects using own wireless network or via any USB port
* Allows you to stream media on up to three devices at the same time

The SanDisk Wireless Stick is a reinvention of the traditional flash drive. Adding to the connectivity of standard USB drives, this futuristic drive can connect to your data via its very own wireless network, allowing you to backup and store media from all of your devices that don’t possess their own USB ports — like tablets and smartphones.

Like a traditional flash drive, this wireless drive is small enough to take with you wherever you go, providing you access to your media wherever and whenever you need it. It also allows you to share your media with anyone else within range.

The capable drive provides easy access either using your USB ports or through the free SanDisk Connect Drive app, which is available on both Android and iOS phones. Once connected, you can share your stored HD films, music and other files with up to three devices simultaneously.

With a range of sizes from 32 to 256 GB, you’ll be able to choose the drive that is perfect for your storage needs and makes sure your smartphones, tablets and computers remain free from excess media. You’ll no longer need to worry about your phone being too full to take another photo.

With a pocket-friendly size and enough storage to keep your devices clutter free, this smart wireless stick is ideal for business people and families who often share media. The wireless connectivity takes away the need for physical connections and makes sharing and storing your data easier than ever on this personal cloud.

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