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Review: Xebec’s Tri-Screen 2 Monitor Attachment Is a Must-Have for Remote Workers

I find it hard to get any work done nowadays without having a second computer monitor. So much of my work involves needing to review multiple things simultaneously that it’s kind of difficult to feel productive with just a single display. Yet, it’s even harder to tote around a whole second monitor with you when traveling, so I’ve been looking for a handy solution for a while now and eventually came across Xebec’s Tri-Screen 2 monitor setup.

The brand sent over a unit for testing, and I’m really, really impressed with it.


Xebec Tri-Screen 2: What We Liked

What I love about the Tri-Screen 2 is that even from the very start, the entire process is meant to be as easy as possible. The unit arrives in a truly hassle-free package that’s very Apple-esque in its design and execution; the box pulls apart from the sides to reveal the unit itself — allowing you to pick it up out of the box and stick it onto your laptop. Two tabs on either side of the Tri-Screen fold out the screens themselves for you to then connect the included cables to your display. Connecting those cables is the thing that takes the longest amount of time, as you’ll need to figure out what ports your laptop has and how to connect them to the Tri-Screen 2 accordingly. I used the USB-C cable for one and the HDMI for another. Once I’d determined that setup, however, subsequent installs were a breeze.

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The Tri-Screen 2 worked seamlessly with my Windows laptop, providing me with two incredibly vivid displays to work with; I typically put email up on one monitor and then whatever I needed on the other screen, allowing me plenty of space to accomplish my tasks. The screens are just big enough to provide you with some much-needed extra real estate without being too cumbersome or annoying. There’s a bit of a Minority Report feel to the whole setup, as my laptop sprawled out to feel like this massive command center — albeit one that’s highly portable. Speaking of portability, I took the Tri Screen 2 with me on vacation, and it fit into my backpack and my laptop with no issues. I could have even put it on my computer to conserve more space if I’d wanted to, but packing the two separately still worked wonderfully. The unit does live up to its promised potential of offering a second or third monitor in a portable package, which is a godsend when you’re away from your traditional work setup.

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Xebec Tri-Screen 2: What We Didn’t Like

The only issue I encountered with the Tri-Screen 2 was its weight, specifically when placed on my laptop itself. Every now and again, the weight from the Tri-Screen 2 would cause my screen to tip over. While it wouldn’t topple my laptop, it was enough for me to get slightly concerned about it. However, once I started using the included kickstand, that helped manage my issues a bit. Additionally, I imagine the price point of the Tri-Screen 2 might be a tipping point for some; at about $500, that’s a hefty investment. However, if you have to work while traveling and desperately need those extra screens, I imagine you’ll pay just about anything to ensure you have access to that extra real estate — especially in such an elegantly designed and well-considered package.

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The Verdict: A Must-Own for Traveling Workaholics

For those, much like myself, who desperately need a second (or even third!) screen to accomplish their work, the Tri-Screen 2 is bound to be a game-changer in its ability to provide you with the resources you need to get work done on the road. That freedom and ease of use is a godsend, and it’s hard for me to now imagine a world in which I didn’t have access to the Tri-Screen 2 when away from home. But now that I do, I know I’ll be so much more productive because of it.

Xebec Tri-Screen 2 Monitor Attachment

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