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The Best Video Games For Couples For Valentine’s Day Entertainment

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, so why not enjoy some of the best games for couples together with your loved one. We’ve already talked about the best board games for couples, so now it’s time to explore the digital side of things.

There are basically too many games out there to choose from to ever really go through all of them, and we’re not expecting you to do so. Instead, we’ve taken that heavy burden for you, and we’ve made a short list of some truly excellent games that’ll allow you both to enjoy yourselves.

If you’d rather only one of you play and the other watch, then it’s worth having a look at the best games like The Last of Us, because they tend to have incredible stories that can be enjoyed whether you’re the person playing or the person watching. For now though, here are our picks for the best video games for couples.

Haven is a beautiful game that tells the tale of a couple on the run from their home planet. You get to guide them together to see what challenges they face, how and if they overcome them, and explore a stunning alien world as you do so. What’s not to love?

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It Takes Two is kind of wild. You play as a married couple who are thinking of divorcing, but they get shrunk down and turned into toys. You then get guided but a somewhat annoying book as you make your way through a variety of fun mini-games and eventually rediscover you love for each other.

Snipperclips is one of the earliest Nintendo Switch games, and it remains one of the most unique. You have to use your Joy-Cons to cut out shapes from each other and find different ways to solve a variety of different puzzles. It’s just a constant joy, and it’ll challenge both of you to think a little differently.

Finally we have Minecraft Dungeons. This game is effectively a new-gamer friendly take on the Diablo series, and has you venturing through dungeons, picking up loot, and killing monsters together. Despite being a little simpler, it’s still a blast to play, and the Minecraft charm is incredibly hard to resist.