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Start Your Cloud Gaming Journey With Amazon Luna With Up To 35% Off

Amazon Luna controllers and bundles are on sale today, making it an excellent time to jump into one of the best cloud gaming services around. The best part about it all is that you can nab yourself a Fire TV Stick Max 4K or a Fire Tablet 8 at the same time, and save a bit of money on both things.

Amazon Luna has a monthly cost normally, but it’s actually free for those who have Amazon Prime, which is most people at this point just because nobody wants to pay for shipping, and let’s be honest, the streaming service has a few good things to watch on it too.

You can also access Ubisoft+ for an additional fee too, which grants access to a huge library of Ubisoft games, meaning you’ve got a lot of open worlds to explore and towers to climb. The service has also improved since it originally launched in terms of quality and the quantity off games, so now’s a great time to check it out. If gaming on the cloud doesn’t make you feel magical enough, then maybe you should play one of the best games to make you feel like a wizard.

$49.99 $69.99 29% off

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This is nice and simple; this just has the controller. It’s actually a very comfortable control that feels good in your hands, and it works with Luna no matter what device you’re playing on. If you’re happy just playing on PC, or you’ve already got something else to play on, this is for you.

$84.98 $124.98 32% off

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Here you have our favorite bundle of the bunch. Not only do you get the wonderful Luna controller here, but you also get a Fire TV Stick 4K Max which allows you to play games on your TV. Of course, it’s also an excellent streaming device in its own right too.

$109.98 $169.98 35% off

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The last of the three options comes with a Fire HD 8 Tablet. While it’s not the newest tablet in the range, it’s main job is just to serve as a screen for Amazon Luna itself, so it doesn’t need much power to be useful. This is a great choice if you’re hoping to take Luna with you to bed, or if you travel and want to keep gaming.