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An Excellent New Final Fantasy Game Is Out Today, And It’s A Rhythm Game

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, one of the most excruciatingly painful video game titles to try and spell, is out today. It’s the latest entry in a series that takes chibi versions of classic Final Fantasy characters and lets you battle it out to some of the best music from the series against classic enemies.

You can think of it as a love letter of sorts to the classic JRPG series, and it’s also one of the most fascinating rhythm games around. Theatrhythm Final Bar Line has already seen some pretty incredible reviews too, with it sitting around 87% on Metacritic, which means we were right to put it on our list of the best new games in February.

Theatrhythm Brings The Joy Of Dance To Final Fantasy

It’s easy to see why the game’s been getting good reviews. First of all, Final Fantasy is a game series so massive that even people who don’t play games have likely heard of it. It’s one of the few game series that always garners a lot of excitement and attention whenever a new entry is announced, and they always change things up with each entry.

With so much history to parse, thanks to having had so many games, a spin-off celebrating a lot of that makes sense. Even if you’re not a fan of rhythm games normally, it’s worth giving it a shot just because of how rich and fulfilling so many Final Fantasy songs and characters are.

If the cutesy things make you happy, but you like a bit of variety, then it’s worth keeping an eye on the upcoming Resident Evil Village VR mode. We’re not sure you could go any further in the other direction, but you’re welcome to try and do so if you value balance.