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The PSVR2 Launches Today, Here Are The Incredible Games With Free VR Modes You Need To Play

The PSVR2 launches for PlayStation 5 on February 22, which is today. It brings with it a few new games, but one of the most exciting things is how there are some great PS5 games that have new, and free, VR modes for players to indulge in.

It’s actually been a fairly strong few months for VR in general, with the Meta Quest Pro releasing at the end of last year, and now PSVR2 seemingly upgrading VR as we know it in a lot of ways, mostly thanks to the power of the PlayStation 5. If you’ve been lucky enough to grab yourself a PSVR2, then finding games to play on it is probably at the forefront of you mind.

Thankfully, a lot of old PSVR games have updated to add in PSVR2 modes, but better yet, you might already own PS5 games with VR modes anyway. If not, today’s a great day to grab them. If we’re lucky, we could see some of the other best PS5 games adding in free VR modes. Hitman 3, for example, already has a virtual reality mode on PC, so with any luck it could come to PSVR2 with a little bit of effort.

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No Man’s Sky is one of the most impressive and immersive games out there. You can fly from planet to planet, battle with space pirates, and tame fantastical aliens. Better yet, you can do all that of in VR, and it never stops being incredible.

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Gran Turismo 7 has always looked incredible, but once you’ve seen it all in virtual reality it’ll be hard to go back. Not much can match the thrill of racing around a hairpin turn in a beautiful car (that’s probably too expensive in real life), and looking out at the trees buzzing past you.

Resident Evil is a titan of the horror world, and while it’s certainly scary normally, becoming the main character and suddenly ending up face-to-face with the many monstrosities of Resident Evil Village is amazing. It’s also deeply unsettling, so have a teddy nearby or something.