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Wild Hearts Could Be The First Big Game Of The Year Contender And It’s Out Today

Wild Hearts, a brand-new game from EA and Koei Tecmo, is the latest game to try and convert the Monster Hunter formula into a different universe. A lot of games have tried in the past and not quite managed it, but Wild Hearts has done so with aplomb.

If you’ve been waiting for one of the best new games in February, then good news, because it’s here. There’s a lot to love about Wild Hearts, so let’s dive into why it’s worthy of your time and money, and why we think it could be a sleeper hit this year.

Wild Hearts Is Refreshing And Brutal

Wild Hearts has you playing as a kemono hunter. Kemono are massive monsters that are part-animal, part-plant life, at least a lot of the time. They take on the form of giant squirrels that can shoot plant seeds at you, or a boar with branches sprouting out of it that can yeet rocks at your face. The size of the enemies makes this feel a bit like one of the best games like Elden Ring.

The fights are intense, and require a lot of skill to manage to get through, but every time you succeed the world becomes a bit safer, and you end up with more materials you can use to upgrade your over-the-top weapons and armor. Seriously, the weapons are absurd in the best way, and even include a bladed umbrella that lets you fly while you’re attacking.

Lots of people weren’t expecting much from Wild Hearts, but having played it, we’re happy to say that it’s an absolute blast. It’s also the kind of game you could play all year for the rest of the year if you wanted to, or just dip in and out of with your friends because it has co-op.