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Addlon’s Instagram-Worthy String Lights at Up to 56% off Brings Backyard Warm Vibes To Cool Evenings

Summer has come and gone, and though the temperatures outside might be a bit chilly, it’s still a great time of year to spend time outdoors. Why not spice up your patio with a few string lights? Amazon is having an amazing sale right now on 16 different Addlon string lights.

You can find deals up to 56% off, and all of the lights are eligible for free shipping through Amazon Prime. Now’s a great time to decorate your patio, backyard, or porch, even if you’ll be fleeing the cold before too much longer.

Courtesy of Amazon

What Makes These Addlon String Lights a Great Deal

  • Up to 56% off
  • Instant savings of as much as $50
  • Free shipping for Prime members

The Deals at a Glance

What We Love About These Addlon String Lights

There are a lot of different options to pick from here, and a lot of different lighting styles. Many of the outdoor lights come in both the more familiar oval shape, as well as the globe shape. It’s also impressive that 100ft of lights are only $50, which means you can create those cool Instagram-worthy light configurations right in your own backyard.

A lot of the options from Addlon also work with an app and a remote control, so you can control them from afar. Some also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for easy voice control of the lights.

The warmth of the lights ranges from warm white to cold white, which can create a very cozy environment outside. The brightness can also be adjusted all the way down to 1% power: practically dark, but not quite. In other words, you can create any mood you want outside.

Courtesy of Amazon

The lights are shatterproof and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about a rainstorm knocking over your aesthetic. If the worst happens and your lights fall, their tough build should prevent too much damage. Addlon also offers a satisfaction guarantee, although they are vague on what that entails.

Aside from the outdoor lights, the Addlon Industrial Floor Lamp adds a classy touch to any space. It would be great in a home office or in the bedroom, but it’s a more traditional lamp and lacks smart control like the outdoor lights.