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Walmart’s Holiday Video Game Deals Are Truly Epic: PS5 Bundles Back in Stock, Save 57% on New Games

Update: As of Friday, December 9 at 9:45 a.m., the PlayStation5 Console – God of War Ragnarök Bundle is back in stock at Walmart!

We’ve got gaming deals on the brain today. Maybe because tonight is the Game Awards and we’re itching to see what takes home the coveted Game of the Year award? Possibly. But much more likely because we’re at T-minus 17 days til the big day and Walmart is running a pile of great deals on some truly hard-to find games and consoles.

If you’ve been scrambling to get your hands on the inexplicably-still-elusive (for the second year in a row!) PlayStation 5, Walmart’s been doing regular restocking of the coveted console bundled with Game of the Year contender God of War: Ragnarök.

Looking for other great gaming deals as the holiday shopping clock winds down? Check these out and head to Walmart now.

That “almost sold out” tag is a constant reminder that this is one of the hot items this holiday season — two if you count both the hard-to-find PS5 and the hot new God of War release. It’s probably gone in and out of stock in the time it took to write this, but Walmart has been best at restocking, so look here first. This also applies to the digital version of this bundle, which goes for $100 less but is every bit as hard to find.

We clued you in on this awesome bundle before, and in the meantime it has sold clean out on Amazon. But once again it’s Walmart to the rescue, offering Meta’s ultra-fun VR headset long with Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4 for $349. Priced out separately on Meta’s website you would pay $469.97 for these — the Meta Quest 2 by itself usually goes for $399.00. Unlock the Metaverse and enjoy two great games, and save yourself a cool pile of cash in the process.

$29.97 $69.99 57% off

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The Madden franchise is one of the most popular video game series of all time, and the new 23 edition is on sale right now at Walmart (along with Fifa, NBA 2K 2023, and tons more games.

$289.99 $359.99 19% off


The PS5 isn’t the only gaming console in town — not by a longshot. The Xbox Series S is the smaller counterpart to the Series X, but it still packs plenty of gaming punch. At this price point — currently 19% off at Walmart with an additional wireless remote thrown in — it’s a fantastic gaming deal.

$239.99 $299.99 20% off


What’s the Holiday Console version of the Xbox Series S? It’s the same as the normal Series S but in a more festive box. No, don’t turn away yet — the true holiday gift here is the price, only $239.99 for a great gaming console. That’s 20 percent off an already great budget price. The all-digital Series S saves all of your games and gameplay to the cloud, and when paired with the Xbox Game Pass, it’s a full and fun gaming experience.

SAVE $40

$29.97 $69.99 57% off

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Have you been stricken with World Cup fever yet? Find yourself arguing about whether it’s called soccer or football? (Spoiler: It’s soccer.) EA Sports’ FIFA 23 game is ridiculously realistic, amazingly fun, and right now at Walmart it’s also selling for under $30 — more than half off the regular price. Skipping this deal will earn you a shopping red card.


$159.00 $199.99 20% off


Intimidated by the multiple-button-combinations of the Xbox and PS5? Are you an old-school gamer who misses Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and Castle Vania. Here they are, in easy plug-and-play form, along with 27 other vintage Nintendo games. Get your nostalgia on for 20 percent off retail price at Walmart before this deal slips away.

Take your plug-and-play flashback fun and upgrade it with the Super factor of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. You get 21 spot-on accurate recreations of the best games of that era, including Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario World, and more.

Courtesy of Walmart

Madden 23 and Fifa 23 aren’t the only hit games on sale right now, and we’ve spotted savings as high as 60%. A lot of titles are already out of stock, so don’t miss this epic sale on video games