This 3-in-1 Device Is a Digital Voice Recorder, Flash Drive & MP3 Player

3-in-1-Digital Voice Recorder

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* Stores up to 96 hours of recordings
* Simple on/off switch for easy operation
* Battery is fully charged in 60 minutes or less

Everyone likes to kill two birds with one stone, but it’s rare to find a way to kill three birds by a single stone. That’s why we were so happy to find this 3-in-1 voice recorder, flash drive and MP3 player. Its ease of use and extremely compact size make it quite the covetable device.

A simple on/off toggle switch lets you start recording quickly. To start a new file, just flip it off and back on. It stores up to 96 hours of voice memos or music; plug-and-play technology means you can transfer files without downloading additional software.

It automatically enters playback mode when you plug earbuds into the audio jack. Plus the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is environmentally friendly and reaches a full charge in 60 minutes or less.

It’s compact size (1.78″ x 0.67″ x 0.15″) makes it the ideal device for documenting dictation, meetings, lectures, seminars and interviews. Stash it in the interior pocket of your bag, or just slip it into your pocket. It’s discreet enough to go unnoticed when in use.

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