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Bring Images to Life With This Portable 3D Scanner

* Small, portable and easy to install
* Works with Mac and Windows
* Comes fully assembled

This portable scanner from newcomer Matter and Form makes it easier for you to scan high-res 3D models. Originally an Indiegogo campaign, the company’s three founding designers were able to successfully raise over $400K in just over a few months. Now, they’re helping to revolutionize the budding world of 3D technology with their easy-to-use 3D scanner.

Unlike other 3D scanners, Matter and Form uses a unique, foldable design that makes it portable, packable and extremely easy to use.

A three-step process helps you get more detailed scans. Simply place an object on the scanner bed (works with objects up to 9.7 inches tall and 8 inches wide), set the color calibration and scan using the patented software. You can save your high-quality scans directly to your hard drive, or you can print them out using a separate 3D printer.

The scanner is able to maintain an item’s full color and creates watertight meshes — making it easier to print or animate 3D scans. It’s also able to capture details up to an impressive 0.43 mm small.

Matter and Form’s customized software works with both Mac and Windows and works with most 3D printers. Using their free BevelPix app, you’re able to see your 3D image come to life before your eyes. It’s never been easier.


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