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Capital Coordinates: 4 Map Apps That Are Better Than Google

* These 4 alternative map apps offer alternative routes and more options
* Different apps focus on different aspects, from offline options to topographical maps

* Check nearby rest stops, faster routes and more

Sure, when it comes to finding directions, Google Maps is still the undisputed king. With easy accessibility and tons of new features added every few months, it’s arguably the most convenient and accurate way to get from point A to point B.

That said, there are other options out there. From checking routes with less traffic to downloading topographical maps and more, here are 4 apps we think are good alternatives to Google.

1. Waze

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Image courtesy Waze[/caption]

Sure, it’s owned by Google, but Waze is way more than just an ordinary maps app. With the ability to select and change your route based on the amount of traffic, Waze is a must-have for city users. It also makes note of road closings, accidents and even traffic stops to help continuously calculate the fastest — and least stressful — route possible. Seriously, it’s amazing.


2. CoPilot

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Image courtesy CoPilot[/caption]

The great thing about CoPilot is that you only need to download it once. As soon as the app has downloaded, you can take full advantage of voice-guided directions, speed logs and more. This is a great Google alternative for when you’re traveling overseas, especially when you’re worried about having to pay for roaming data. Just keep in mind that because it’s an offline app, it’ll take up a decent amount of space.


3. Backcountry Navigator

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Image courtesy Backcountry[/caption]

Ever wanted an app for exploring the great outdoors? This one’s got you covered. With the ability to fully map out entire topographical locations, you can use the Backcountry Navigator to help chart your latest hike or to keep track of where you’re going. Sorry, iOS readers. This one’s currently only available on Android devices.


4. Here WeGo

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Image courtesy HEREWeGo[/caption]

Unlike Google Maps, Here WeGo tends to focus more on the planning aspect rather than the actual route. With options to check bike paths, car rental spots, nearby pharmacies and more, this app provides instant guidance while giving you a comprehensive glimpse of nearby sights and services — and ways to get there. But where Here WeGo really shines is in its offline mode. You can download maps and routes for easy use anytime, anywhere.

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