Kingly Keyboards: 4 Best Upgrades for Your Desktop or Laptop

4 Awesome Keyboard Options for Your
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* Different types of keyboards to suit your lifestyle
* Choose from foldable models to waterproof models and more
* Type discreetly on the go with this easy-to-use keyboard alternatives

While keyboards may not be the first thing people think about when upgrading their computers, they’re definitely a worthy consideration. After all, having the right keyboard can make all the difference from feeling constrained to feeling comfortable.  From ergonomic to  waterproof models, here are our top keyboard picks.

1. Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550 (Mac and Windows)

The Logitech Wave is the de-facto ergonomic keyboard today. In other words, it’s simply the best. With a wave-inspired ergonomic layout, cushioned mouse and one seriously long-lasting battery, this could very well be the last keyboard you’ll ever buy. While it works with Apple products, Mac users may want to manually change the keyboard shortcuts in the settings menu.

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2. iClever Portable Folding Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad (Mac and Windows)

This Bluetooth-enabled foldable keyboard is great for use on the go. A unique three-step folding system makes it extremely portable, and with its quiet keys and ergonomic keyboard functionality, it’s great to use in public settings. It also includes a rechargeable battery and a surprisingly intelligent touchpad.

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3. Logitech Washable Keyboard (Windows)

Need a rough and tumble keyboard that isn’t afraid of a little water? The Logitech Washable Keyboard was built to withstand shocks, drops and yes, even water. The sturdy design and UV-coated keys are able to withstand up to 11 inches of water submersion, and with smart drainage holes located throughout the keyboard, this Logitech model dries extra fast.

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4. Sungwoo Foldable Silicone Keyboard (Mac and Windows)

This foldable keyboard comes wrapped up in soft silicone and is both dust and waterproof. Sungwoo’s unique design results in a flexible keyboard with highly soft (and sensitive) keys that make typing both quiet and effortless. Great for use on the go, this keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices.

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