Life On The Flip Side: The 7 Best Flip Cases for Your Phone

flip out phone card case
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* Flip cases combine phone protection with wallet-like utility
* Can hold credit cards, bills and more
* Styles ranging from retro-futurist to handsome and chic

Whether you pine for the retro appeal of the flip phone or just take an interest in the undeniable utility of a flip out case, the flip case makes a strong– case– for itself when it comes to housing today’s sleek, monolithic smartphones. Here are seven of the best flip cases for your phone, ranging from slim wallet-style cases to cases that double as mini clutches for a night out.

1. WenBelle Wallet Case

The WenBelle Wallet Case is designed like a nice tweed and leather wallet. It holds an iPhone 6/6s and retains plenty of room for cards and bills.

WenBelle flip case Image courtesy of Amazon


2. CMai 2 Detachable Card Carrier Case

The CMai 2 detachable card carrier case is a nifty and innovative design, combining the utility of a slim billfold with a handsome leather iPhone case. We like this sharp navy colorway too.

CMai 2 Card Carrier Case Image courtesy of Amazon


3. ZVE Wallet Case

This ZVE wallet case for the iPhone 7 is one of the most literal combinations of a wallet and phone case we’ve seen. It manages the feat of combining the storage of a wallet with the function of a protective leather phone case admirably well, and looks stylish too. The zip closure keeps things from sliding out, and lets you hold coins and other tiny items, too.

ZVE iPhone 7 Wallet Case Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Spigen iPhone 7 Wallet

The Spigen iPhone Wallet is a slim case that offers good scratch protection and can hold a decent number of credit cards. Plus, it comes in the ever popular rose gold hue.

Spigen iPhone 7 Case Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Vena Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

This Vena wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus has military grade drop protection, a rugged shell and a useful hidden card compartment. Aimed at travelers, its card carrier is compatible with Samsung pay and works great for transit and Metro cards too.

Vena Galaxy S8 Plus Case Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Lupa iPhone 6/6S Wallet Case

This Lupa iPhone 6/6S wallet case is a durable, lightweight travel case that flips open to hold space for three cards and multiple bills. It features a reserved, classy design and a neat magnetic closure. Won’t look out of place paired with your evening bag or purse.

Rose Gold iPhone 6, 6S case Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Samsung Galaxy S-View

This high-tech case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 lets you see important info like the time, missed calls and notifications through its case even when closed. It includes a built-in kickstand function for media viewing, too.

Samsung Galaxy S8 S-View Image courtesy of Amazon

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