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Apple AirPod Max Headphones Are Back on Sale, and You Can Buy 12 Months of Spotify Premium With the Savings

Few things compare to truly great audio quality. You’ll hear notes and sounds in songs you’ve never heard before and experience your favorite songs in a brand-new way. The Apple AirPods Max deliver sound quality, but they usually come with an eye-watering $550 price tag. Right now, for a limited time, that price is knocked down by $120 for a final price of $430.

These aren’t earbuds but instead are full-blown over-the-ear headphones. They come in five colors and feature active noise canceling to drown out the rest of the world. There’s also spatial audio tracking that makes you feel like the sound is moving all around you.

Typically, when Apple AirPods Max headphones have gone on sale, we’ve seen the price drop to $439, and it usually only covers one of the five colors. This is the lowest we’ve seen prices on Apple’s headphones all year long.

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What Makes the AirPods Max a Great Deal

  • Originally $549, now only $429
  • Instant savings of $120
  • 22% off the original price
  • Free shipping for Prime members

What We Love About the AirPods Max

The Apple AirPods Max come equipped with a cushioned headband that feels comfortable against your scalp and two heavily padded ear cups that are comfortable enough for all-day listening. That’s a good thing, too, since a single charge can keep you going for 20 hours at a time. By the way, that’s 20 hours of battery with all the features enabled; disable a few, and you can get even more listening time than that.

You can also share audio between different devices. If you’re listening with the AirPods Max, your partner can listen to the same content using a pair of AirPods. It’s perfect for use in crowded, noisy areas like an airport. The AirPods Max switch seamlessly between different devices, too, so you can easily transfer from your MacBook to your iPhone.

The Spatial Audio is nothing to shake a stick at, either — although if a stick is thrown in whatever you’re watching, you can practically hear it whoosh through the air. It creates a deeper level of immersion in whatever you’re watching. Combined with the H1 chip, the AirPods Max can provide an audio experience that puts most other headphones to shame.

With the amount you’ll save on these headphones, you can pay for a full year of Spotify Premium or Apple Music. All in all, it’s a fantastic deal, but it’s not going to last long.

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