This Sleek Laptop Bag Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

Laptop backpack charger
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Toting around your laptop can be a major hassle, but this high-tech laptop bag will not only help you keep your belongings organized while on the go, but will also keep your devices fully charged. Never worry about forgetting your charging cable again.

From BGR:
Does your current backpack have a built-in battery charger? Can it charge up your smartphone or tablet on the go? Does it have a cool series of LEDs on the front to let you know how much juice you have left? Can you plug it into any standard wall outlet to recharge it? Is it water-resistant and yet still sleek and stylish? We didn’t think so, and that’s why you need to check out the Ghostek NRGbag Series Backpack.

Here are the highlights from the product page:
-RECHARGEABLE 7000MAH REMOVABLE BATTERY: Most mobile devices can be recharged with this built-in battery system. It is adaptable for either Micro-USB or Apple products with a USB 2.0 Port. It is ideal for Smartphones, Tablets or eReaders. Separate USB 2.0 -Cables are necessary to charge tablets via the NRG back pack’s USB port.
-ONE-TOUCH POWER BUTTON/BATTERY LEVEL INDICATOR: Conveniently located on the outside of the back pack, the NRGbag uses LED lights to display battery power level right on the power button. The indicator will quit flashing in 10 seconds if the device is not plugged into the battery source.
-NRGBAG IS WATER RESISTANT: In order to recharge the NRGBAG back pack, users just plug the AC adapter into any 110V wall outlet.
-BATTERY GOOD FOR SEVERAL CHARGES: The device’s battery is made from a lithium polymer and lithium-ion with a DC 12. OV+-. Its output is DC5.0V+-2 when empty. The USB output is 2000mAh. The battery charges at a speed of 800mAh.
-BAG COMES WITH MULTIPLE DEVICE CHARGE FUNCTION: a 7000mAh lithium battery built-in charging system; 3-Female USB Port Cables; a battery charger; and a user’s manual.

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