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The 5th Generation Moto G Plus: A Prime Phone For Prime Members

* Rated as the top new release on Amazon
* Comes unlocked and includes dual front and back cameras
* Amazon Prime members are privy to exclusive apps, games and deals

With well over 500 glowing reviews, this Moto phone is currently ranked as Amazon’s best new release. The Moto G Plus includes an intuitive fingerprint sensor, ultra-bright 5.2-inch HD display and a whopping 4GB of RAM. This means your videos and games will not only look better, they’ll run better too.

Unlike other smartphones, the Moto’s supercharged battery guarantees all-day power. In fact, a 15-minute charge can get you up to a stellar six hours of use. Packed with dual HD cameras, a powerful 12 MP back camera lets you take stunning shots while a separate 5 MP front camera is specifically for selfies. Unlike previous models, this Moto phone utilizes 10 times more pixels on the image sensor, resulting in high-quality shots every time. Smartphone cameras aren’t usually this good.

The G Plus also utilizes the latest Google Nougat 7.0 operating system, which gives you full access to the Play Store, Google Maps and much, much more.

Best of all, Amazon Prime members who buy the phone

can take advantage of tons of Prime exclusives, including free eBook downloads, games, apps and much more. It also comes unlocked, meaning you can use it with all major phone carriers in the U.S.

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