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The Best 10 Android Phone Cases for Style Points and Protection

Android users, this one is for you. While iPhones dominate the U.S. smartphone market share, we know there are some staunch Android supporters out there, particularly overseas. We hear you, and we’re here to make sure you have all the tools you need to protect and accessorize your precious hardware. Whether you’re a Samsung Galaxy guy, like to ride with Google or opt for a different Android OS phone, you need to get yourself an Android phone case.

We know — that a $1,000 personal computer in your pocket is a gorgeous work of technological innovation, worth flaunting for its aesthetic and functional beauty. Even the less-expensive Android phones are beautiful. But phones aren’t indestructible — as so many of us have learned the hard way — so consider an Android phone case an insurance policy to protect yours on a daily basis (if you want to go commando in lower-risk scenarios around the house, we won’t tell).

And beyond protection, Android phone cases are a way to express yourself. Think of it as another style accessory to incorporate into your personal wardrobe, something that sets you apart from others and, let’s be real, helps you keep your phone from getting mixed up in a pile of other black gadgets at parties.


How to Shop for Android Phone Cases

When shopping for Android phone cases, you’ll want to consider your primary objective. We’ve broken this question down into three main categories:

  • Protection — Are you prone to drops and looking for the ultimate level of protection? Look for heavy-duty Android phone cases with military-grade drop-testing and thick, durable materials. There’s been some great innovation in the rugged phone case game, so you’d be surprised at how slim some of the most durable options can be.
  • Style — Android users love the ability to customize their interface, so the aesthetic case journey should be no different. Stylish options (which can still provide some solid protection from damage and cracks) will be completely up to personal preference, so we’ll list a bunch of Android phone cases that boast cool colors and materials.
  • Functionality — This is where you’ll find the most variety. Some folks enjoy the convenience of an all-in-one Android phone case experience, one that allows you to store credit cards, IDs and other personal items. Other like hands-free capabilities for streaming on the go or mounting in the car. We’ll include Android phone cases for each of these functionality priorities.

There are certainly some Android phone cases that check all three boxes. But more often than not, they’ll lean into one more heavily than another. Android phone cases with high levels of protection are likely a little bulkier and lose some style points, while the slimmer, elegant cases won’t guarantee protection against big drops.

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What do we recommend? A case per occasion. Go with a slim, stylish Android phone case for everyday use, one that speaks to your personal style and sets you apart. Snag a heavy-duty Android phone case for more extreme adventures, times when it’s even easier to drop your phone and incur damage. Grab an all-in-one case for jogs, hikes and nights on the town when having less makes a big difference.


1. Speck Presidio2 Grip Case (Samsung Galaxy S21)


If “no frills” fits into your personal style brand, look no further than this Android phone case from Speck, one of the most reliable and established phone case brands on the market. This particular case fits the latest Samsung Galaxy, but they make cases for older models as well. With drop protection up to 13 feet and a ridged exterior for better grip, this simple and elegant black case is a great choice for everyday use.

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Courtesy of Amazon

2. Casetify Aries Moross Case (Samsung Galaxy)


In addition to its awesome customizable options, Casetify collaborates with artists to make some pretty eye-popping designs that you’re guaranteed not to lose sight of. This particular case is part of the brand’s colorful collaboration with six artists represented by A-GENT TOKYO, a creative agency. Now you can display a dope piece of art on the device you use every single day.

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Courtesy of Casetify

3. Mous Limitless 3.0 Walnut Phone Case


So you want to be that guy, huh? Paying just a little extra for a phone case that uses an actual wood grain back to juxtapose the technological device in your hands? We wholeheartedly support it. This Android phone case from Mous brings elegance to your device and remains compatible with the company’s many other phone accessories. No shame. Be the wooden phone case guy.

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Courtesy of Mous

4. Pela Sage Green Phone Case (Google Pixel 5)


Pela donates a percentage of each sale to ocean cleanup and preservation initiatives, so right off the bat that tells you where the company stands. Its cases are made of Flaxstic, which utilizes flax straw and other compostable materials, creating a lower carbon footprint than regular plastic. Pela also offers other device cases — like for smartwatches and headphones — in the exact same color, just in case you want all your devices protected and matching.

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Courtesy of Pela

5. OCASE Flip Folio Case


This is the case for the all-in-one, constantly-losing-all-my-stuff folks in the room. This folio wallet case has three credit card slots, a space for cash and a magnetic closure to ensure your prized goods are safe. Better yet, the case flips backward into a kickstand for hands-free mobile TV viewing. The case is made from artificial leather that comes in 10 different colors.

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Courtesy of Amazon

6. Humixx Crystal Clear Case (Samsung Galaxy S21)


Turns out you can strike a balance between flaunting and protecting your phone. This clear case from Humixx keeps your Samsung Galaxy on full display while still passing the military test — no damage after 26 drops from four feet high. In case you aren’t convinced, this case has more than 3,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.6-star rating. Protect your Galaxy in style.

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Courtesy of Amazon

7. TORRAS Shockproof Phone Case (Galaxy Note 20)


If you’re a loyal Samsung Galaxy Note user, you’ll want to protect your phone while still maintaining its ultra-slim, super-light silhouette. This military-tested case accomplishes exactly that, employing a flexible plastic frame and shock-absorbent corners to keep your Note safe. It still allows easy access to the charging port and S pen.

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Courtesy of Amazon

8. Otterbox Defender Pro Series 


Otterbox is one of the best brands out there for Android phone cases, offering options for Google, Samsung, Motorola and OnePlus phones (among others). It also features different series for different levels of bulk and protection. The Defender Pro Series pictured and linked below is the brand’s rugged, protective choice, with four times the protection offered by the military standard. Other series, like the Commuter and Symmetry, offer less protection with the benefit of less bulk.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Otterbox

9. Spigen Rugged Armor Case (Galaxy S21 Ultra) 


Spigen is another versatile Android phone case brand with great protection and slim builds for Samsung and Google phones. A key feature here is the ridged sides, which provide optimal grip to make sure you don’t drop your phone on the subway (or your face, if you’re a watch-TV-in-bed kind of guy).

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Courtesy of Amazon

10. Poetic Guardian Series Case (Moto Edge+)


If you’ve never cracked your phone screen before, you must be a sorcerer, because as gorgeous as that glass might be, most of us have witnessed its fragility, too. This Guardian Series case from Poetic uses raised lips and corners to keep your screen safe. The option featured here is for the Motorola Edge+ and doesn’t include an actual built-in screen protector, but the Guardian Series does include that for other Android phones.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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