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Anker’s 180-Degree Gaming Cable Ends the Misery of Playing Games While Charging Your iPhone

If you’ve ever tried playing games on your iPhone then you know the struggle that comes with trying to position your fingers around the cable as you hold the phone. It’s a never-ending contortionist act that ultimately ends with you pulling the cable out, forgetting that your battery is low, and your phone dying.

But it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to the right-angle Anker Gaming Cable.

Anker Gaming Cable

This convenient lightning cord bends 180 degrees at the connector so that the cable runs behind the phone and out of the way of your hands, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most in that moment: the game you’re playing. And the flat ribbon design of the cord itself helps to ensure that it runs flat against the back of the phone as you’re engaged in a marathon session of Among Us.

The Anker Gaming Cable is also MFI certified, which means that it’s guaranteed to work with any of your Apple products that use a lightning cable, and it’s designed in such a way that it will fit an iPhone with a case that’s up to 7mm thick.

But even if you’re not a gamer, this cable can still be a godsend.

Watch a lot of YouTube or Netflix on your iPhone? If you’re constantly holding your phone as you binge, this will help immensely. Do you use iMessage in landscape mode? That’s a little weird, but again, messaging with this cable plugged might just save you from a hand cramp.

However you decide to use it, the best part of this accessory is that it’s super affordable when you consider how regularly you have to use charging cables. So do yourself (and your hands) a favor and pick up the Anker Gaming Cable.

Anker Gaming Cable