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Secret Coupon Code Gives This Anker MagSafe Battery Charger a 48% Off Discount

No matter how beefy batteries become, it will never be enough. It will just open up avenues to utilize even more battery power. That said, there are a lot of devices (phones, especially) that burn through their charge at an astonishing rate, especially when gaming. The easy solution to that problem lies in a portable battery pack that can give you a bit of juice when you need it.

The Anker 521 Magnetic Battery is a popular choice from SPY, and right now, it’s on sale at Amazon for just $26. Don’t worry that the price doesn’t show a sale; we have a secret coupon code you can use at checkout to save. It’s Prime Eligible and a great value, especially as the holiday season gets here and you need to find a way to drown out your crazy survivalist uncle at Thanksgiving.

Coupon Code: ANKER1619
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What makes The Anker 521 a Great Deal

  • Was $50, now only $26
  • Instant savings of $24
  • 49% off
  • Free shipping through Amazon Prime

What We Love About The Anker 521

The Anker 521 packs 5,000mAh of charge into a small package, which is more than enough to completely recharge an iPhone 14 Pro Max with a little bit left over. The Anker 521 is small (about half the size of a phone) and snaps onto the back, giving you wireless charging through a magnetic connection. No need to fight with cords or finicky connectors that don’t work like they should.

That said, it does work through USB-C charging, so you can use a cable if you don’t want it attached to the back of your phone. A rough estimate is that the Anker 521 provides an extra 17 hours video playtime for the iPhone 12, so maybe slightly less for the iPhone 14.

While it was built with the iPhone 12 in mind, it should work just fine with more recent models. The Anker 521 is only compatible with MagSafe phone cases, though, so bear that in mind. Thanks to the MultiProtect safety system, you don’t have to worry about short circuiting your phone or that it will get too hot while charging.

If something does happen to the charger, Anker includes an 18-month warranty to cover most damages. If this sounds like a great deal, make sure to use the code ANKER1619 at checkout.

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Courtesy of Amazon


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