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Charge, Travel, Organize With This Multi-Purpose Apple Watch Case

* Compact travel case for all your Apple Watch accessories
* Built-in magnetic charging disc for easy charging
* The case in open position provides a multi-angle bedside stand

Accessorize your Apple Watch with this stylish carry capsule. With plenty of space for all your Apple Watch additions, this travel case will help make sure you never forget the essentials again. The Twelve South TimePorter also features a variety of useful functions to ensure you get maximum use out of your smart electronic companion whether you’re at home or on the move.

TimePorter’s capsule design is similar to a standard glasses case and is just as simple to carry while traveling. However, inside the faux-leather case — which is compatible with all Apple Watch models (series 1 & 2) — you’ll be able to house your charging cable, a USB charger and an extra watch band.

Available in both black and white, the silicone-lined case features a front-facing magnetic disk for charging your watch. The TimePorter has also been designed to double as a bedside stand. In this function, the case can be displayed at multiple angles. All displays ensure easy viewing of your incoming notifications and you’ll be able to tell the time easily.

Ideal for turning your Apple Watch into your alarm clock, the Twelve South TimePorter encompasses everything you need in a travel case for your Apple Watch. And at under $50, this clever little device is sure to become the first thing you pack for your time away.

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