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It’s a Month Old and the Apple Watch Series 8 Just Got Its First Major Discount

Announced just a little over a month ago, the brand new Apple Watch Series 8 is already getting its first major discount. Considering how we’ll most likely see several Apple gadgets go on sale for Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale event starting tomorrow, it’s sure to be on the wish list for many people this upcoming holiday season.

Walmart’s shaving a sweet $50 discount off various colors of the Apple Watch Series 8, bringing its price down to $379.

That may only be an 11% off discount from its normal price, but factoring that this is a new release, it’s a deal worth snagging right now and really makes for one of the best Christmas gifts you can spend on for someone this holiday season.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Walmart undercut the competition with low prices on new Apple gadgets, and we’ve got all the details below.

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Why This Apple Watch Series 8 a Great Deal

Last year, we saw Amazon discount the then-new 10.2-inch iPad 9, offering a small discount compared to Amazon, Target, Best Buy and Apple itself. We’ve occasionally seen Walmart beat Amazon and Apple on the price of Apple Watches and other iPads as well.

Now, it’s the brand new Apple Watch Series 8’s turn. This is the first discount we’ve seen anywhere on this newly released smartwatch.

  • Originally $429.00, but now $370.00
  • Instant savings of $50.00
  • 11% off its regular price
  • Free shipping

What We Love About the Apple Watch Series 8

The most notable thing about the new Apple Watch Series 8 is its new temperature sensor that can be helpful to track the body’s temperature. For women, it’s critical because it can help with ovulation period estimates for family planning. Combined with the heart rate it tracks, the information it provides users could be extremely useful.

Even though the Apple Watch already had Crash Detection, it’s been improved ever so slightly with this latest model. Packing a new 3-axis gyroscope, the Apple Watch Series 8 does better to detect crashes because it’s more sensitive by sampling motion four times faster at 3,000 times per second. There’s also a new G-force accelerometer that can pick up to 256 G’s of force.

What do these new components all mean? Essentially, the Apple Watch Series 8 can get you help when it matters most by providing emergency personnel with your location. On top of that, when it senses a severe crash, it can also notify your emergency contacts about the event.

And finally, we have to mention how the Apple Watch Series 8 has a handful of accessories available to it. Whether you’re looking for a new band or case to wear for a special occasion, or looking to have wireless charging that can also charge other devices at the same time, there are plenty of Apple Watch accessories to complement it. In fact, there’s even a niche accessory that can add FaceTime chat functionality to the Apple Watch.

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Courtesy of Walmart