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Asus Has Achieved the Perfect Balance With the ZenFone

* Studio-grade speakers offer sound quality 4x better than traditional CDs
* Charges up to 60% of your phone’s battery in 40 mins or less
* High-tech auto-focus mode provides steadier videos and sharper photos

The Asus ZenFone is a deceptively powerful smartphone with one of the brightest, most detailed full-screen displays we’ve ever seen. The 5.5-inch HD display includes a beautiful gorilla glass finish and dual HD cameras. With laser-focus technology and 4K recording capabilities, you’re able to capture sharper images, steadier videos and enjoy an all-around more impressive 4K experience.

The phone’s all-metal case and invisible antenna provide a beautiful, streamlined look and feel. But if you take a moment to check underneath the hood, you’ll realize this smartphone is way more than meets the eye. With an impressive Snapdragon 625 processor and a generous 4GB of built-in memory, the ZenFone’s able to handle multiple tasks with ease.

The ZenFone also includes 300Mbps and built-in fingerprint technology to not only help keep your phone running smooth, but also help keep it protected. The advanced fingerprint sensor is able to verify and unlock your phone in under 0.2 seconds flat. Best of all, patented Quick Charge technology lets you charge up to 60% of your phone’s battery in 40 minutes or less. Can your current phone do that?

Sonic high-res speakers provide a far better audio experience than other phones on the market. In fact, the ZenFone’s studio-grade speakers provide four times better sound quality than traditional CDs. Not sure if your phone carrier is compatible? No problem. The ZenFone ships factory unlocked and works with most mobile phone carriers.

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