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Liven Up Your Workspace With This Wireless Natural Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

* Natural bamboo finish
* 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity
* Includes mouse and Smart Tech pen

The Smart Tech handcrafted PC wireless natural bamboo keyboard brings an eco-friendly and sustainable high quality feel to your workspace with its unique high gloss bamboo finish. This sustainable, fast-growing wood makes for a fatigue-relieving work experience, making your keyboard and mouse far more comfortable to the touch than the usual hard or sticky plastics.

If you’ve been using the same stock mouse and keyboard set for more than a couple months, you’ve probably experienced that the coverings and finish of these in-the-box PC accessories often don’t last. And nothing ruins a productive ambiance in your home office, editing bay or workstation like a peeling, sticky finish on the keyboards and control inputs. The bamboo wooden wireless PC keyboard from Smart Tech is a handmade and sustainable fix for all that.

It also adds an element of modern design, taking your home office from the “used 2008 economy car” aesthetic of most PC accessories straight to “brand new eco-friendly sports car.”

The slick, gloss finish bamboo is durable and provides a natural finish, anti-static protection and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. It’s rated for a keystroke and mouse click lifetime of over five million cycles and the wireless keyboard’s compact size lets it fit in well with any desk environment. Great for fashionable home office spaces, this keyboard and mouse lets your workspace blend in with your design and helps get rid of unsightly and unsustainable plastic. It’s powered by AAA batteries and includes a small USB nano receiver. It also includes a free Smart Tech pen.


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