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When You Can’t Hold Them, Fold Them With Beblau’s Great New Mobile Organizer

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Your laptop’s a powerful tool. But it usually can’t get you through a meeting or a remote workday on its own. It needs friends: a mouse, a charger, a notebook and pen or pencil, usually. And don’t forget your phone, because this meeting’s going to be boring and you need to sneak peeks at Instagram.

So how do you carry it all? Bringing a backpack to a meeting isn’t a great look. So you try to balance it all on top of the laptop — that slick metal laptop — because it’s not going to slide all over the place and make you look like a dope or anything.

Better idea: the Fold organizer from Beblau. Since hitting Indiegogo last year, this great pack-and-go item has been landing on the desks and laptops and bags of digital nomads everywhere.

The design is simple yet awesomely comprehensive. If you want to securely strap all your ancillary gear to your 13-, 14- or 15-inch laptop, just slide the Fold over the closed laptop. The clear mesh pocket is perfect for your mouse and/or charger. Elastic bands hold your writing instruments, notebook and smartphone. There are also four pockets for your other small items, snug enough that they won’t come tumbling out.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Beblau
Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Beblau

Once you’re at your meeting or remote workplace, the Fold props up to double as a great desktop organizer and phone stand, holding everything you need with one easy fold. You can keep your phone facing you, because remember, your meeting sucks and you want to be able to check it without drawing attention.

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And, once it’s time to go again, the Beblau Fold still has everything in place and easily accessible for you. You can keep it snug to your laptop, or it’s a great standalone organizer for all of the small items that tend to fall to the bottom of your briefcase or backpack and send you fishing.

Our Fold arrived last month, and we’ve been impressed by the flexible yet sturdy construction and the quality of the materials. It’s been in constant use, and the elastic bands are still super tight, so nothing’s shaking loose. The $45 price tag is pretty spot-on, especially considering the use we’ve been getting from this durable little tech organizer.

Because the demand has been great, the latest round of Fold organizers is due to ship in April. While you’re waiting, check out the Fold’s smaller yet still incredibly useful friends, the Slim and the Twist. Beblau is offering them in combinations to Indiegogo backers. It’s a small item that makes a huge difference to anyone who’s constantly on the go.