Smartwatch Sidekicks: 10 Essential Accessories for Your Intelligent Wrist

apple watch stand
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* Unique and functional accessories for your smartwatch
* Keep your screen safe and protected for longer
* Store your watch and charge your devices while you sleep

Looking for a few new ways to help keep your smartwatch secure? From elegant nightstands to powerful screen protectors, your wrist deserves the best. Make the most of your smartwatch with these awesome accessories.

1. Samsung Gear Screen Protector

Specifically designed for the Samsung S3 Frontier and S3 Classic smartwatches, this tempered glass screen protector is your first — and last — line of defense. Featuring an impressive 9H glass cover, this protector keeps your watch safe from scratches, scuffs and any other kind of superficial mark. It even prevents dust and fingerprints.

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Samsung 4-Pack Screen Protector



2. Apple Watch Stand

This unique watch stand offers a sleek design to hide your watch’s charging cable while keeping both your phone and watch secure. The high-quality silicone build helps prevent scratches, and with both vertical and horizontal compatibility, you can also hook up your phone and FaceTime without ever having to use your hands.

Apple Watch stand Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Fullmosa Quick Release Leather Watch Band

This 22mm watch band is crafted from genuine full grain leather for a finished product that’s at once refined, durable, and comfortable. A signature quick release design makes it fast and simple to switch out.

Fullmosa Quick Release Leather Watch Band Image courtesy Amazon

Fullmosa Quick Release Leather Watch Band



4. Rugged Apple Watch Case

Durable, flexible and extremely rugged, this Apple watch case fits nice and snug around your watch, keeping all the buttons intact while offering an extra level of protection. The patent-pending air cushion technology helps keep your watch safe from shocks or falls.

Rugged Apple Watch case Image courtesy of Amazon

Apple Watch Case



5. Barton Quick Release Silicone Watch Band

Compatible with any traditional or smartwatch (18mm, 20mm or 22mm spring bars), the Barton Quick Release Silicone Watch Band features a textured back to prevent slipping while improving comfort and airflow. Waterproof and washable  design makes it great for those with active lifestyles. 

Barton Quick Release Silicone Watch Band Image courtesy Amazon

Barton Quick Release Silicone Watch Band



6. Fitbit Blaze Accessory Band

This elegant wristband comes in eight unique colors and incorporates a fold-over wrist clasp for extra comfort. Featuring a stainless steel build and a stylish metal frame, this band offers a cleaner, smoother way to wear your Fitbit.

Fitbit accessory band Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Universal Tablet + Smartwatch Stand

This two-in-one stand features an aluminum desktop stand and secondary watch holder. Stationed securely with absorbent silica pad gel, this stand works with Apple Watches, iPhones, Androids and tablets. The rose-gold finish makes it an excellent companion piece to any desktop or table.

universal cell phone stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Universal Tablet + Smartwatch Stand



8. Michael Kors Watch Stand

Looking for a new way to display your watch? With microsuede padding and four rubber feet on the bottom, this Michael Kors stand prevents sliding and is a chic and stylish way to hold your watch. It also features a 33mm base to keep your watch safe and secure while charging.

[caption id="attachment_63612" align="aligncenter" width="241"]michael kors smartwatch stand Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


9. Apple Watch Charging Stand

This all-in-one charger and stand offers three charging ports and an incredibly easy way to store your Apple devices before bed. With multifunctional adaptability, it’s able to hold your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Fitbit blaze. Best of all, the high speed charging ports offer zero noise when plugged in, helping you sleep easier at night.

Apple Watch Charging Stand Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Smartwatch Bands and Accessories Case

This super functional storage kit is built with a durable carbon exterior and an extremely soft velvet interior. With enough space to hold up to 12 different watch bands and tons of bonus compartments to boot, this portable watch case makes one great travel companion.

smart watch bands and accessories case Image courtesy of Amazon

Smartwatch Bands and Accessories Case


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