Look Great Without Spending a Fortune With One of These 10 Great Apple Watch Bands

apple watch bands
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There is a wide variety of Apple Watch bands available. Apple sells a handful of different bands to go with the Apple Watch, and some are great options, like the Sport Loop and Band (which you’ll find below), but they are often pricey (you don’t even want to look at the leather option pricing from Apple). That’s where third-party bands come in.

There are a number of reasons why it’s a good idea to go with a third-party Apple Watch band:

  • Third-party bands are significantly cheaper
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Fit most Apple Watch models
  • Look great

Don’t think that “third-party” correlates with flimsy. The Apple Watch bands that we recommend below are stylish, durable and affordable. You don’t have to spend a ton of moola to get a great-looking band that sends your wardrobe to the next level.


1. Marge Plus


Stylish and affordable, the Marge Plus leather Apple Watch band adds the finishing touches to your wardrobe. Available in 13 different colors, you’ll be able to find a band that matches your work or casual attire. For only $12, you’ll be adding major style points by adding this watch band to your daily wear.

apple watch bands marge plus Courtesy of Amazon

2. SupCase Rugged Protective Case


Apple Watches are expensive, and not everybody works a 9-5 desk job to make ends meet. When you got to get your hands dirty, but not necessarily your watch, the SupCase protects that delicate Apple Watch with shock absorption and a raised bezel to protect the face from unexpected blows. It’s like an OtterBox, but for your watch. Keep in mind, it’s only compatible with Watch 4 (2018) and Watch 5 (2019).

apple watch bands supcase Courtesy of Amazon

3. IYOU Sport Watch Band


Available in over 30 colors, the IYOU sports band is a great affordable option for an Apple Watch band that’s ready for action. The pin-and-tuck design of the band helps make your watch pop off the band for a more stylish and clean look. The lug-connection system is also easy to install. If you don’t feel like paying $50 for an official Apple Sport Band, go with IYOU instead.

apple watch bands IYOU Courtesy of Amazon

4. Iiteeology Apple Watch Band


When leather won’t quite cut it, this brushed metal Iiteeology Apple Watch band adds professionalism and style to your attire. It’s compatible with all Apple Watch series, and its links are easily removable to get the right size for your wrist. Not a bad way to get great style for under $25.

apple watch band iiteeology Courtesy of Amazon

5. Vati Sports Band


With over 10,000 Amazon reviews and a 92% approval rating, the Vati Sports Band is a go-to option for many Amazon shoppers. It’s affordable, comfortable and works with all Apple Watch models. It’s sporty, so don’t worry about a little sweat. Plus, it available in over 30 colors.

apple watch bands vati Courtesy of Amazon

6. Gbpoot Apple Watch Band


Similar to the Apple Sport Loop style, but only $10, the GBPOOT Apple Watch Band comes in nine colors. It snaps on and off your watch with one button, making it easy to swap out colors to match your wardrobe. It’s a great looking band for series 1-4. Unfortunately, it’s not available for the 5 Series.

apple watch bands gbpoot Courtesy of Amazon

7. Ouheng Genuine Leather Hybrid Band


Get a sporty leather look with the Ouheng Leather Hybrid Band. It easily slides on and off your Apple Watch, so you can swap out the band for any of the available 28 color options. And it doesn’t matter what series you have, it is compatible with all of them.  It’s sweatproof and lightweight for a comfortable feel. The best part, it’s only $13 for a great-looking and comfortable leather band.

apple watch bands ouheng Courtesy of Amazon

8. Apple Sport Loop


The nylon weave makes for a breathable wrap that is ideal for the active types. You can quickly hook and adjust the strap around your wrist to get the most comfortable feel, regardless of the activity. Not to mention it comes in 12 unique and cool color combinations. It’s strong, yet soft, and made specifically for Apple Watches.

apple band sport loop Courtesy of Apple

9. Apple Sport Band


An overall solid choice, this Sports Band is made of strong fluoroelastomer material that’s durable, lightweight and comfortable. The material is more durable than what you’ll find from most knock-off brands, but of course, you’ll pay for it. And with 13 different colors, you’ll be able to match this band with your favorite outfits.

apple watch bands sport band Courtesy of Apple

10. Nike Sport Loop


When you take your workouts to the next level, you’re going to want a breathable watchband. The extra perforations in the band allow maximum airflow to prevent that nasty sweat ring around your wrist. It keeps you comfortable, and looks great, even while you’re at the gym getting your reps in.

apple watch band nike Courtesy of Apple

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