If You Own an Apple Watch, a Protective Case Is a Must

Best Apple Watch Cases
Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

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For all the features the Apple Watch comes with, it’s surprisingly delicate. Given the fact that it’s designed for runners, athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts, you’d think it’d come with a little more padding. But alas, Apple Watches are as fragile as, well, iPhones.

Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up the best Apple Watch cases. Much like how you use a phone case for your smartphone, these cases are designed to completely encapsulate your watch. They’re made from flexible TPU plastic or rubber, so they’ll never get in the way, and with tons of different models, colors and protective options to choose from, you’re sure to find the right fit.

Why Should I Buy an Apple Watch Case?

While it may seem unnecessary for someone who is only wearing a watch to and from work, many Apple Watch users love that their watch can handle a hike, a jog or a surf sesh. If you fall into one of those latter categories, then you absolutely need an Apple Watch case. For anyone who is active, it’s all too easy to slip and scratch your watch, whether you’re falling off a wave or slipping while running in the rain.

The following cases are all designed to help protect your investment in a number of ways. From light rubber cases that can protect against bumps and scratches all the way to heavy-duty waterproof cases that will put up a valiant defense against mother ocean, our list has something for every adventurer out there.

Able to keep your watch safe from smudges, scratches, shocks and even sweat, these Apple Watch cases are an absolute must for every type of Apple Watch-wearer out there.


1. Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case


Made to match 42mm Apple Watches, the Spigen Rugged Armor case gets top marks for being the most versatile case on the market. The super flexible TPU design fits effortlessly over your watch, and the precise cutouts never interfere with your watch’s functionality. Not only is this case shock-resistant, but it also features wireless-free charging. And while it doesn’t come with its own screen protector, it is available in four fun colors. For the price point, it’s easily the best of the bunch.

Apple Watch Case Spigen Rugged Case Courtesy of Amazon


2. V85 Compatible Apple Watch Cases


Specifically designed to encase the 35mm Apple Watch, this V85 case is surprisingly durable considering the thickness and weight of the material. Able to provide full-on watch protection, it slips effortlessly over your Apple Watch to help keep it safe from bumps, shocks and those occasional falls. At only $6, it’s a steal.

Apple Watch Case V85 Case Courtesy of Amazon


3. Caseology Nero Apple Watch Case


Designed for use with the Series 4, 5, 6, 7 and SE, this rubber-based Apple Watch case from Caseology is a great option to give some slight protection to your Apple Watch without having to go with a complete hardshell case. The flexible rubber is comfortable enough to sit on your wrist without irritation and is easy to put on or remove depending upon your preference. Additionally, the cutouts allow for access to all the important functions of the Apple Watch, including the charging/heart sensor on the back.

Caseology-Nero-Apple-Watch-Case Amazon


4. PITAKA Air Apple Watch Case


Are you looking for a super simple Apple Watch case that doesn’t add bulk but still protects? PITAKA’s minimalist Air case is so slim you may not actually notice it is on your watch in the first place. Enhanced with a military-grade fiber, the tough case protects your watch without eliminating the beautiful features of the watch itself. The overall weight of the case is pretty impressive too, clocking in at 0.02 oz. Compatible with Series 4, 5, 6, and SE, it should fit just about every single modern iteration of the Apple Watch with that striking minimalism.

PITAKA Air Apple Watch Case Amazon


5. Apple Watch Case 38mm Series 3 & Series 2


Designed for the Series 3 and 2 Apple Watches, this rugged case is a great option for the everyday explorer. Not only is it waterproof, but it’s also been tested to survive a drop of up to three meters. The dual-layer design helps to add more cushioning, and the 1.2 mm rubber lip on the edge of the case is designed to help take all the impact from drops and shocks. At only 5 grams, it’s light as a feather. It’s also available in blue and red.

Apple Watch Case Courtesy of Amazon

6. OWKEY Waterproof Apple Watch Case


While some Apple Watch cases are designed to be as low-key and lightweight as possible, the OWKEY is all about protection. Designed for 44mm Apple Watches, this case completely covers your watch and brings with it a whole host of added precautionary measures. Shock-proof, scratch-proof, water-resistant and even dust-proof (you read that right), this hearty watch case is made for adventures, so don’t be surprised if it’s a little heavier than you expected.

Apple Watch Case Owkey Courtesy of Amazon


7. OTTERBOX All Day Apple Watch Case


A true, tested and steady presence in the accessories world, OTTERBOX’s Apple Watch Case offers the supreme protection the brand is consistently known for — albeit in a brightly colored package. If you don’t want subtlety with your Apple Watch Case, the OTTERBOX All Day case is for you, allowing for you to pick from a handful of different colors to best suit your personality. In addition to those vibrant colors, the case also protects against bacteria (thanks to antimicrobial tech) and is made from 90% recycled plastic to help better the environment.

OTTERBOX All Day Apple Watch Case Courtesy of Amazon


8. LifeProof Apple Watch Case


LifeProof is another one of those mobile accessory makers that has carved a good niche for itself by producing quality product after quality product. Their Apple Watch case is another exceptional product, well worth considering. With a variety of different colors, there’s an option for every personality (although we’re partial to the ‘Pavement’ colorway because it looks really great with the existing black silicone strap). Additionally, the case comes in both 40 and 44mm sizes to fit the full range of modern Apple Watches.

LifeProof Apple Watch Case Courtesy of Amazon


9. Urban Armor Gear Apple Watch Case


My personal iPhone case of choice for the better part of the last decade is a case from Urban Armor Gear because of the duality it provides without adding a lot of bulk. The same can be said for the brand’s Apple Watch case, which ensures your watch can handle just about anything. Great for putting onto your watch during any sort of intense physical activity, the case is crafted with a dual-layer construction to ensure an incredible amount of durability. Additionally, the snap-on design makes it a breeze to take on and off, should you so desire.

Urban Armor Gear Apple Watch Case Courtesy of Urban Armor Gear


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