These Cable Organizing Hacks Declutter Your Desk Once and for All

iGotTech Cable Clips
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A well-organized desk can do wonders for productivity and give your workspace a more professional appearance. In times like these, when so many Americans are working from a home office, the best cable organization hacks are a must. It’s time to hone in on your inner Marie Kondo and rid your workspace of cable clutter.

Decluttering your desk is more than stuffing loose cables in a drawer or pushing them behind your desk where nobody can see them. There are many cable organization hacks, ranging from at-home DIY tricks to specifically designed cable organizers. The biggest difference is not the way you choose to handle the problem, only that you do.

When you begin to consider how much cleaner and clearer your workspace will be once you install a new cable organization system, other opportunities to improve your WFH environment may also become apparent. These are some additional office accessories to consider:

We’re here to help you regain control of your workspace and improve your work efficiency. Below we have covered the best cable organization hacks by breaking them down into the following decluttering topics:

  • Products for organizing your workspace
  • Helpful home organization hacks
  • The best products for single cables (charging cables, headphones, etc.)
  • Wireless chargers
  • USB Hubs

Cable Organizing Products

Keeping your desk decluttered and cables organized can help you be more productive and relieve anxiety. This really begins with cable management. Even though you may have a massive rat’s nest of cables behind your desk, don’t let that discourage you. With a little time, effort, and a few helpful cable organization items, you can have a clean, professional workspace in no time.

If you need a little assistance getting started with managing your cables, you can check out this helpful video for some tips. After you’ve prepped to gain control of those loose cables, you’ll find everything you need below:

Hill Cable Clips


These OHill Cable Clips can do wonders in organizing wires and keep them from dangling from the back of your desk. And the process is simple: peel off the adhesive, stick firmly to the surface and run the cable through the little notches. Who knew this 16-pack for $9 could help you take back your desk from wire clutter one and for all.

cable organizers ohill cable clips Image courtesy of Amazon


PASOW Velcro Cable Straps


Desktop computers can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to cable management. The keyboard, mouse, displays and additional wires can turn into a rat’s nest quickly without a little supervision. These Pasow Cable Ties are thick enough to bundle all of those cables together in one braid. Then you can use a Raceway to run that entire bundle under your desk without anyone seeing.

cable organizers pasow Image courtesy of Amazon


Zip Ties


Zip ties can be an essential tool in the quest for cable organization. And the great thing is you can buy 100 of them for just $6. You can use them to bundle multiple cables together into a big braid and then separate them individually within that braid. Either way, if you are getting serious about cleaning up desk clutter, you’re going to want a bag of zip ties handy.

cable organizers zip ties Image courtesy of Amazon


Cord Cover Raceway Kit


If you’re serious about getting wires out from hanging everywhere, especially if you have a standing desk, you’re going to need a cord raceway. This cord cover raceway kit is highly rated on Amazon and has a wide tunnel to run a handful of wires through. And it’s not only great for sticking under your desk, but you can also use it to hide cables running up to your wall-mounted TV or hide lamp cables against the wall.

cable organizers cord cover raceway Image courtesy of Amazon


Stageek Cable Raceway Kit


Hide those cables so no one will ever see them again by lapping this cable raceway kit against your wall, attached to the back of your desk or behind your TV set. These babies come with six straight, four elbows, one inside elbow and one outside elbow to seamlessly get your cable hiding job done. The kit has nine cable channels pre-cut into slim sections for easier access and organizing. Also, the kit is super malleable, so you can move them around and fit them in places you otherwise wouldn’t expect.

Stageek Cable Raceway Kit Image courtesy of Amazon


DMoose Cable Management Box


We’ve talked plenty about managing cables, but what about that ugly surge protector sitting under the desk. The DMoose Cable Management Box can turn that eyesore into home decor, and even a footrest under your desk. Its wooded print with white walls makes it look stylish, and has discrete openings to run a single cable out from the box. Who said cord organization can’t be stylish?

cable organizers dmoose Image courtesy of Amazon


The Best Single-Cable Organizers

Cable organization isn’t just about decluttering your desk. Is there anything more frustrating than looking for a specific cable in your “junk drawer?” Or pulling your headphones out of your bag only to find they are tangled beyond recognition with your charging cables. Below you’ll find helpful, inexpensive items to relieve you from the mind-numbing frustration of tangled cables:

Command Gray Cord Bundlers


These cord bundlers can keep your dangling cords looking wound and organized. They can stick on walls and behind appliances where you can wind up your cables and use the hooks to manage dangling wires. The adhesive is non-damaging too, so you don’t have to worry about peeling off paint when it’s time to remove them.

Command Gray Cord Bundlers Image courtesy of Amazon


Nite Ize Gear Ties


When you want to keep all of your charging cables and headphones organized in your bag, the Nite Ize Gear Ties can do wonders. These flexible little ties wrap around your wound cable and can either twist together or be folded down around your cables. Either way, your cables won’t unwind and get tangled with other cables. They’re inexpensive and a nifty little way to keep your personal cables in order.

Nite Ize Gear Ties Image courtesy of Amazon


iGotTech Cable Clips


These cable clips are great for organizing mouse cords, chargers and computer cables. Their size makes them ideal for the office, and you can stick them anywhere and easily remove them when you leave.

Cable Organizer Image courtesy of Amazon


Bememo 20-Piece Leather Cable Straps


The point of cable organization is to dismantle any unneeded ugliness in your home, so why purchase any unattractive cable strap? Keep your cords looking pretty with these leather cable straps made to even keep your cords as good-looking as you. They’re totally lightweight, have a decent amount of stretchability and are convenient to use in everyday life. Five colors come in each pack, so you’ll always have a dapper-looking choice to choose from.

Bememo 20 Pieces Leather Cable Straps Image courtesy of Amazon


Bluelounge Cableyoyo


Headphones just get tangled — there are no two ways around it. This silicone Cableyoyo by Bluelounge keeps them neat and tidy in your bag, pocket or drawer with a spool set-up and magnetic center to keep the buds in place.

Headphone Organizer Image courtesy of Amazon


Velcro Brand One Wrap


Like zip ties for decluttering a desk, Velcro One Wraps can be incredibly useful when it comes to single-cord management. These thin wraps can keep extension cords, instrument cables and even headphone wires bundled up and organized nicely. We’re telling you, once you’ve dealt with a rat’s nest of cables, you’ll do everything you can to not go back.

cable organizers velcro Image courtesy of Amazon


Akwox Wooden Cable Organizer


Another area that tends to be plagued by messy cords and cables is the home office desk. Wrangle all your device chargers with a discreet organizer like this one, and say goodbye to dropping cords on the floor or crawling under your desk looking for the right charger.

Charger Organizer Image courtesy of Amazon


Envisioned Cable Organizer


Envisioned took a different approach to desktop charger/cable organizers by making their organizer weighted instead of stick-on. We think it’s a much smarter solution because sticky backs can sometimes leave residue or marks, and the weighted system is much easier to move around. It also includes four reusable cable ties to organize cords behind the TV or under your desk.

Cable Organizer Image courtesy of Amazon


Clever Cable Organization Hacks

cable organization 1 Image courtesy of YouTube

There are a handful of things you can do to keep your stuff organized with items you already have in your home, so why not make use of otherwise unneeded items? Let’s take a look at some of the things you can use and do to keep your cables organized.

Turn Used Toilet Paper Rolls Into Cable Holders

Wind up your cables and slide them inside of used toilet paper cylinders. You can then label the side of the cylinder and keep them organized inside of a small storage bin. This will keep them from tangling. You probably need to bulk up on TP anyways, so feel free to snag some for yourself here:

Amazon Brand - Presto! 308-Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper Image courtesy of Amazon


Pen Springs and Magnets

Remove the spring inside of a pen and wrap it around the end of your charging cable. Then take a little fridge magnet and glue it to the side of your desk. The metal from the spring will hold your cables in place on the edge of your desk for easy access and organization.

cable organizers 3 Image courtesy of YouTube

Tear apart the older pens in your house and replace them with a fresh box:

BIC Gel-ocity Original Retractable Gel Pen Image courtesy of Amazon


Use Binder Clips For Your Cables

Wind your cables up and use binder clips to hold individual cables together. This will keep them from unwinding and getting tangled with other cables.

You can also clip them to the edge of your desk and run your wire through the clamps to keep them organized.

cable organizers 2 Image courtesy of YouTube

There’s a good chance that if you clean up your house a little, you’ll find a binder clip or two. Where did they come from? When did you buy them? Why do you have them? Nobody knows. But, if you’re too lazy to spruce your place up a bit, get yourself a bunch here:

ACCO Binder Clips Image courtesy of Amazon


Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers allow you to completely remove charging cables altogether. By placing a wireless charger in a fixed and semi-permanent position, it’s easy to come and go with your Qi-enabled (wireless charging compatible) devices when necessary. Most wireless chargers can be connected to devices through cases of up to five millimeters thick, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to change your phone cover when using it with a power pad. Additionally, some chargers have multiple uses, such as acting as a handy mount for your phone when watching media or FaceTiming with colleagues.

Anker Wireless Charger


Wirelessly charging your smartphone is a simple task with the Anker Wireless Charger. By placing your smartphone or other Qi-enabled devices onto the upright stand, the close connection begins the charging process. The charger can be used to charge all models of Qi-enabled smartphones and comes with over 55,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users. Plus, this wireless charger is particularly useful for FaceTime sessions or watching media as it allows you to mount your phone upright in a horizontal or vertical orientation while it is charging.

cable organization hacks anker wireless charger Image courtesy of Amazon


Yootech Wireless Charger


With over 110,000 customer reviews and a 4.5-star Amazon rating, the Yootech Wireless Charger is a tried-and-tested device. Not only is it backed by a vast amount of existing consumers, but it also has a budget-friendly price tag of under $15, making it an accessible product that includes advanced technology. The circular design features a rubber ring that provides a greater grip and keeps your devices in place when charging. Additionally, the surrounding LED light lets you see when the power is on and a device is connected. But it won’t keep you awake as the light fades after 16 seconds.

cable organization hacks yootech wireless charger Image courtesy of Amazon


CHGeek Wireless Car Charger


If you use a maps app when driving then having the CHGeek Wireless Car Charger on your dashboard is a wise idea. This wireless charger keeps your phone fully charged as you go, without the need for plugging it in. What sets it apart from other wireless chargers is the ability to mount it in a prime viewing position that is free from annoying dangling wires. Furthermore, it’s easy to switch between horizontal or vertical orientations.

cable organization hacks chgeek fast charging Image courtesy of Amazon


Riapow Solar Charger


Have two fewer things to worry about when you embark on your next camping trip by packing the Riapow Solar Charger. Not only can this charger recharge your smartphone, but it also features an integrated flashlight to light your way during the night. You’ll also find two USB ports and one USB-C port for charging other cable-bound devices. Furthermore, it sports a durable construction and includes integrated solar panels, making it ideal for outdoor adventures in remote areas.

cable organization hacks riapow charger Image courtesy of Amazon


Native Union High Speed Wireless Charger


The Native Union High Speed Wireless Charger sports a stylish design and comes with a 6.5-feet long power cord for greater flexibility in your mounting position. Both the cord and the top surface of the power pad are covered in an attractive, textured material for greater aesthetic appeal. It’s available in nine different colors. The device supports Qi-enabled devices ranging from five to 10-watts, including AirPods and more recent iPhone models. Additionally, the charger has integrated thermal protection to avoid overheating.

cable organization hacks native union drop Image courtesy of Amazon


USB Hubs

There are two main reasons to consider installing a USB hub. Firstly, they are a fantastic way to organize your cables. Secondly, they act as a handy extension to existing wires, providing greater comfort when using your devices. In general, USB hubs come with between four and 10 USB ports and often include additional HDMI and SD ports.

Anker USB Hub


The Anker USB Hub includes four USB ports and sports an ultra-slim design, making it ideal for getting your excess cable length in order. From your mouse to your keyboard, this compact office addition ensures you won’t have to constantly plug in and unplug USB devices to use them. The attached two-feet cable also lets you mount your device in a convenient place. Additionally, the USB 3.0 hub comes backed by over 60,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users.

cable organization hacks anker 4 port usb hub Image courtesy of Amazon




With a price tag under $13, the BYEASY USB Hub is a budget-friendly investment for any laptop or computer user. It features an ultra-slim design with a shorter-than-average connection cable, making it better suited to compact desk setups or people who travel regularly. Plus, it includes four USB ports which are usually enough to cover the average user’s office essentials.

byeasy usb hub Image courtesy of Amazon


Likorlove Hub Splitter


The Likorlove Hub Splitter allows you to individually turn each of its seven USB ports on and off. Each one features an allocated power switch which is paired with an LED indicator light to make it clear when the connected device is in use. If you have multiple requirements for USB ports but only want to use them one at a time without unplugging them, this is the USB hub to keep you and your cables organized. Additionally, it comes backed by over 3,500 five-star ratings from happy Amazon users.

likorlove usb cable hub Image courtesy of Amazon


Amazon Basics USB Hub Tower


The Amazon Basics USB Hub Tower is better suited to permanent desk setups rather than pop-up arrangements when traveling. It comes with a handy stand that allows the sturdy body to stand upright in a fixed, more accessible position. It includes five rear-facing USB ports which are ideal for your mouse, keyboard and other permanent USB devices. On the other side, you’ll find two fast-charging USB ports which are better suited to temporary device connections, like a memory stick or phone charger.

amazon basics 7 port usb hub Image courtesy of Amazon


Aorz USB Multiport Hub


The Aorz USB Multiport Hub sports a seven-in-one design, making it extremely useful for both home office workers and regular travelers. It features a range of common ports, including three USB ports, one HDMI port and a microDS slot. This USB hub is a highly effective way to organize your cables if you’re dealing with multiple cable types. Plus, it offers high-speed transferring, making it more convenient for moving large files between cards, drives and other devices.

aorz usb hub Image courtesy of Amazon


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