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Keep Your Your Eyes on the Road With These Car Phone Mounts

Cell phones have become helpful beyond their original purpose of communication. They now tell us exactly where we are, let us surf the internet and take high-quality photos. And that’s without even mentioning smartphone apps, which seem to be able to do almost anything, from finding our soulmate to letting us know how much money is in our bank accounts. However, while cell phones can be one of the handiest devices to have in your car, they can also be one of the most accident-causing distractions. To minimize your smartphone’s impact on your attention, we suggest keeping it in place in view and place in one of the best car phone mounts.

Unfortunately, the misuse of phones in cars leads to thousands of car accidents and subsequent deaths each year. So, for the sake of everyone else’s safety (including your own), it’s crucial to comfortably view your phone navigation screen without needing to hold it or view it awkwardly.

You might be thinking there’s not enough space in your car for a car phone mount. And your current cup holder or on-your-lap setup works just fine. But you’re mistaken.

There are car phone mount styles to suit all vehicle types. From big to small, here are the three most popular car mount styles:

  • Air Vent – Using a clamp or clips to connect your car mount to one of the slots in the air vent allows it to stay solidly in place as your drive. One of the best things about this style of car phone mount is that it keeps the screen mounted centrally and doesn’t block any view through your windshield. Air vent car phone mounts are particularly well suited to small cars.
  • Dashboard – There are various styles of car phone mounts that are designed for dashboard mounting. Some mounts use a suction cup; others use a clip. Larger models utilize a silicone base and heavy construction to stay in place. If you have a large dashboard with plenty of space to house a car phone mount, this could be the best option for you.
  • Windshield – Windshield car phone mounts are one of the most popular styles. However, be sure to consider how much this might interfere with your view of the road. What’s great about these mounts is that they can sit almost exactly within your forward vision, meaning you’ll barely need to move your eyes to view the screen.

Although the above locations are all found inside your car, it’s also possible to use certain styles of car phone mount in the bathtub, at your desk or generally around the house.

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A word of caution – A phone mount is an inexpensive, simple piece of equipment that can play a role in keeping you safe. It’s not helpful, however, if the phone mount itself becomes a distraction. If it’s hard to attach your phone to the mount or it doesn’t hold it securely, it may be worth considering alternative options.

Below are nine car phone mount options to secure your phone in the car, allowing you to navigate safely or receive calls while keeping your eyes on the road.

1. iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount Holder

This adhesive mount works with most phones and can be attached to windshields and dashboards. It’s highly adjustable. It can be rotated horizontally and the arm can be extended for closer viewing.

Pros: Very adjustable for comfortable viewing.

Cons: Not recommended for leather or vinyl dashboards. Incorrect usage can lead to damage.

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2. Vansky Phone Holder For Car

The Vansky Phone Holder For Car boasts a three-in-one design which enables you to mount it on your choice of the air vent, the dashboard or the windshield. The suction cup offers extra strong attachment thanks to the integrated clip, which also allows the mount to attach to other kinds of flat wall. To ensure this car phone mount can accommodate all smartphones, the bottom clip does not have sides, while the supports can be adjusted to be further apart or closer together to suit your particular phone model.

Pros: The 360-degree swivel joint offers a truly adjustable viewing angle.

Cons: When attaching the suction cup, you may find the arm on the mount is too long and gets in the way.

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3. JunDa Car Phone Mount

The extremely durable spring clip which holds the JunDa Car Phone in place prevents the device from wobbling during use. It also fastens tightly around a variety of surfaces, but it is best suited to those with enough depth for a secure hold. Once attached, it’s easy to use the 360-degree joint to adjust the angle of your phone for the most comfortable and convenient view. Plus, the non-slip silicone pads ensure no marks are left when you remove the mount after use.

Pros: Not only is this car phone mount suitable for your dashboard, it can also be mounted to your sun visor or rearview mirror.

Cons: If your dashboard has a limited depth, attaching this particular car phone mount might not be possible.

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4. Miracase Air Vent Phone Holder

This convenient option clips into your air conditioning vent and locks into place, so it won’t bump off no matter how rough the road you’re traveling. The arms of the phone holder are widely adjustable, so you can easily fit different kinds of phones. The phone holder also rotates to help you find the best viewing angle.

Pros: Easily clips onto car’s air vent. Suits horizontal and vertical vents. Adjustable to fit different phone sizes.

Cons: Might not be ideal depending on the placement of your car’s vents.



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5. LISEN Car Phone Holder Mount

The LISEN Car Phone Holder Mount is focused on providing an extremely sturdy hold with minimal shake. It can be attached to your air vent using the built-in hook. It then uses a magnetic connection to attach your phone. The hook on this car phone mount doesn’t just slide into your air vent, either, it hooks around one of the panels to ensure a solid hold, especially when compared to lower quality alternatives. Plus, the set comes with two different magnet shapes, making it easy to select the one which best suits your phone model.

Pros: This car phone mount has the strength to hold the equivalent of six cell phones at once.

Cons: This mount can only be attached to the air vents.

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6. WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Many people understandably worry about bringing magnets near their phones. To get this question out of the way, magnets have no adverse effect on any of the components of a phone. Magnetic phone mounts can be a great and easy way to mount your phone without having to worry about phone size or having to fidget with clamps; just grab and go. Wizgear’s compact magnetic mounts attach to your air vents and allow you to view horizontally or vertically.

Pros: Compact, convenient and works with all phones.

Cons: Small grip means it’s not compatible with all air vents.

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7. Loncaster Car Phone Holder

The sturdy construction of the Loncaster Car Phone Holder enables one-handed operation. It’s best suited for horizontal phone viewing, but can also support an upright orientation, too. Not only is this car phone mount great for keeping your phone where you can see it, it has an additional built-in shelf with cable slots where you can house small objects and organize your charging cables. Furthermore, the silicone base allows you to adjust the placement of this car phone mount without leaving any unsightly marks.

Pros: This car phone mount is available in four different colors, meaning you can select the best match for your car interior.

Cons: This mount is bulkier than the average car phone mount.

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8. AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount

The AINOPE Car Phone Holder Mount attaches to air vents and uses gravity to remain securely in place. It’s also convenient to use your phone when it’s in this holder thanks to the four curved arms, which provide a tight grip and secure hold. Additionally, the mount has been designed to ensure artificial airflow from your car continues uninhibited. This has resulted in a compact design which only covers a small area of your car’s air vent.

Pros: The smart design of this car phone mount utilizes gravity and a four-arm grip to hold it securely in place.

Cons: If you regularly use your air vents at full blast, you may find this option obstructs your airflow too much.

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9. VANMASS Car Phone Mount

The VANMASS Car Phone Mount features a user-friendly clamp and an award-winning, patentended design. Unlike many other car phone mounts, you can adjust the length of the built-in arm, even when this device is attached to your windshield or dashboard. Alternatively, you can completely remove the arm and use the phone grip part as an air-vent mount, should your needs be better fulfilled by that setup.

Pros: This car phone mount is one of the most adjustable available.

Cons: While truly adjustable, the mount’s size may make it better suited to larger vehicles.

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