Kitschy Cases: 9 Bold and Bright Phone Cases to Get Right Now

queen phone case
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* Dress your smartphone in a little humor
* Fun designs that double as serious phone protection
* Express your personality in the selfie age with the right case

Get the new season off to a feel-good start by refreshing the look of your phone. Get a quick, inexpensive update to your most important accessory/necessity with one of these 9 bold and bright phone cases. It’s an instant mood lifter. It’s hard not to smile at a cartoon pill bottle or a rainbow unicorn, right? The best part: they do double duty as protection for your phone.

1. Chill Pills

Remembering to take your proverbial chill pills will be easy once it’s written all over your phone. The bendy, plastic cover is also a fine cushion should you accidentally drop your phone.

Chill Pills Phone Case Image Courtesy of Amazon

Kool Tech 3D Chill Pills iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus Case




2. Cartoon Spell Book

Cast a spell – a giggle spell – on anyone who catches a glimpse of this humorous cartoon “book” of spells. Pliable silicone keeps your phone protected from spills and slips.

Cartoon Spell Book Case Image Courtesy of Amazon

Chill N Chic 3D Cartoon Spell Book iPhone Case


3. Cartoon Boys Tears

Make ’em weep – and let the world know. This cartoon water bottle is the perfect gift for the heartbreaker in your life.

Cartoon Boys Tears iPhone Case Image Courtesy of Amazon

Chill N Chic 3D Cartoon Boys Tears iPhone Case


4. Big Eyes With Crossbody Chain

You’ll never lose your phone again since you’ll now be able to wear it, thanks to the crossbody chain attached to this phone case, while two googly peepers make this the ultimate side-eye statement.

Big Eyes iphone case with cross body chain Image Courtesy of Amazon


Miniko 3D Big Eyes iPhone 7 Plus Case With Crossbody Chain


5. Rainbow Unicorn

Cheerful and adorable, bring back the nostalgia of My Little Pony, Lisa Frank and puffy horse stickers all at once with this very kawaii piece of phone protection.

Rainbow Unicorn iphone case Image Courtesy of Amazon

Awin 3D Rainbow Unicorn iPhone 7 Plus Case



6. Batman Mask

The phone case that announces, “I am Batman!” without saying a word. And whether intentional or just a handy coincidence, the scallopped bat-cape actually creates a comfy grip for your phone.

Batman Mask iPhone Case Image Courtesy of Amazon

MC Fashion 3D Batman Mask iPhone Case


7. Strawberry Frappucino Cup

Always have your favorite drink in hand with the Strawberry Frappuccino Cup. The best part about this one is it’s calorie free.

Frappuccino iPhone Case Image Courtesy of Amazon

MC Fashion 3D Pink Strawberry Frappucino Cup iPhone Case


8. Big Sexy Lips

Seal your phone with a big, red kiss. The oversized case and bright color will make your phone easy to spot in your bag, too.

Image Courtesy of Amazon

NUTK 3D Big Sexy Lips iPhone 7 Plus case


9. Queen iPhone 7 Plus Case

Have it be known who’s queen (you of course) around these parts with this bigger-than-life crown of an iPhone case. In a very royal yellow that spells out who you are.

Queen iPhone Case Image Courtesy of Amazon

Nannette de Gaspé Mouth Masque

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