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Can You Hear Me Now? With These Cell Phone Signal Boosters, You Can

There are many reasons why your home may have weak signal strength. It may be your carrier’s lack of presence in the area, a rural setting, mountains and dense forests blocking cell towers, or a highly-populated area that has many people fighting for the same signals. Whatever the reason, a cell phone booster not only improves the signal strength of your phone, which means better call clarity, faster browsing, and a stronger battery life for your cell, it can also help to improve upload and download speeds on your computer and the streaming services on your TV. When it comes to technology, faster is almost always better and boosters are all about speed.

Most homes can benefit from a signal booster, but there is a way to check your outdoor signal. Android phones use the LTE Discovery app to test signal strength, while iPhones use the Field Test Mode. We’ve included boosters designed for both scenarios in our list below. Homes with weaker signals require an outdoor antenna that covers more space and we’ve included boosters below that can boost a signal between 1,500 and 5,000 square feet.

Having a low signal strength means dropped calls, crackling audio, slow streaming, download and upload rates, but that’s not all. Low signal strength can also be a drain on your phone’s battery, forcing the phone to work harder to find an available signal, while continuing to search for the signal for the duration that cell data or on WiFi are being used. A booster enables your phone to easily find the signal, giving its battery a break and extending the charge life of your phone up to two hours of talk time in some cases.

If you’re ready to give your phone, computer and TVs a break and want a more seamless experience with streaming and cell data, we recommend adding a booster to your home.

1. Cel-Fi GO X with 1 Panel Antenna

Thanks to new FCC rules, carrier-specific boosters, like the Cel-Fi GO X with 1 Panel Antenna, can now have 100dB of amplification gain compared to the standard 40dB, helping to eliminate dropped calls and poor signal coverage. Providing more bars for more users at once, the Cel-Fi increases data rates, provides a stronger call signal and can reach a larger area than older signal boosters. The Cel-Fi includes a panel antenna, which are wall-mounted and do not require running cables through walls. Panel antennas transmit signals in the direction they’re pointing and the Cel-Fi Panel Antenna can amplify the signal up 10,000 square feet in an open setting or 1,500 feet on a single floor. The Go X Cell phone booster is designed to continually search for the best signal and boost those frequencies.

Pros: The Cel-Fi comes with everything users need for easy installation, including a wideband outdoor antenna and mount, a wall-mount antenna, an AC power supply, ultra-low loss cable, a lightning surge protector kit and extension cable and two N-type to SMA pigtails.

Cons: The Cel-Fi is only compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon and it can only work with one carrier at a time. To boost two carriers at once, users will have to purchase two kits.

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2. weBoost Home 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster

Like the weBoost Connect, the weBoost Home also improves connection rate up to 32 times for fewer dropped calls, faster upload and download speed and more audio clarity. The Turbocharger enhances internet speed and boosts 4G, 3G and LTE signals while also providing two extra hours of talk time for your phone battery. The weBoost Home works with all major carriers and can boost the signal on multiple devices at once.

Pros: Rid your home and office of drop spots with the weBoost Home 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster, which can improve the signal performance for two rooms and works with every carrier network.

Cons: The weBoost Home has a small range at 1,500 square feet and is best for small apartments or individual offices.

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3. SureCall Fusion4Home

Designed for users with mid-sized homes or office spaces, the SureCall Fusion4Home can cover 2,000 square feet and increase signal strength for multiple users simultaneously, regardless of their career. The SureCall increases signal strength for texts, calls and 4G LTE signals for all carrier networks and reduces the number of missed or dropped calls due to weak signal. It can also help to improve the battery life of a cell phone with its omnidirectional antenna.

Pros: The kit includes an outdoor Omni antenna, indoor whip antenna, RG-6 coax cable (50 ft) and AC power supply.

Cons: The SureCall is better suited to areas that have a weak indoor signal inside as opposed to outside.

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