6 Chic Cell Phone Stands That Double As Decor

wooden elephant bluetooth speaker
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* Because phone accessories don’t have to look bleak
* These holders add to your ambiance while propping up your phone
* From glittery shoes to cool acrylic, phone accessories don’t have to look bleak

These cell phone stands do more than let you watch your favorite videos and Instagram stories at a slightly more comfortable angle. They make for great decor and accent pieces, too, even when there’s no phone around. Upgrade to multi-purpose elegance with these chic cell phone stands that double as decor.

1. Fred Pumped High Heels Cell Phone Stand

These glittery pumps add a dash of classic camp to any surface. Pair with a formica table for the ultimate in ironic nostalgia phone stands.

pumps phone stand Courtesy Amazon


2. Artinova Wooden Bluetooth Speaker Stand

Not only does this carved wood elephant (or Mastodon?) hold up your phone in its trunk, its ears double as wireless Bluetooth speakers.

bluetooth speaker phone stand Courtesy Amazon


3. Fred Banana Stand

Fans of Arrested Development may remember a thing or two about a Banana Stand. This one holds up your phone, and unlike the banana peels in Mario Kart, it actually keeps things from going flying into the abyss.

Banana Stand Courtesy Amazon


4. Swingline Crystal Acrylic Phone Holder

This clear acrylic phone holder gives an austere, yet playful crystal vibe. Pairs well with Alexandra Von Furstenberg lucite decor.

Crystal phone stand Courtesy Amazon


5. Fred Silicone Boots

These cute rain boots keep you smartphone safe and dry. Supports portrait or landscape orientation.

Fred Boots phone stand Courtesy Amazon


6. Honsky Thumbs Phone Support

What has two thumbs and will hold up your phone, tablet or paper notebook for hours on end? This clever contraption, that’s what.

Thumbs Phone Holder Courtesy Amazon

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