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Ranking the Best Cheap Unlimited Cell Phone Plans — Never Worry About Hitting a Cap Again

We love our savings. Like really, who doesn’t want to save money in an era when prices on just about everything are through the roof. If there’s one thing we’re all completely reliant on, it has to be the smartphones we use. However, they also incur a charge that can add up — also known as your monthly cell phone plan. That’s why having the best cheap unlimited cell phone plan helps out tremendously.

Sure, you could simply just go for the best cheap cell phone plans you could find, but power users are demanding. Due to the fact that they are constantly on social media, sharing video clips on TikTok or Instagram, or simply streaming their favorite TV shows, unlimited plans are necessary to satisfy their hunger.

Over the course of the last several months, we’ve been testing out cell phone services from several wireless carriers. We know exactly what it takes to have the best unlimited cell phone plans, but we’ve also looked at what the bigger wireless providers have to offer.

When looking for the best cheap unlimited cell phone plans, we only considered options that included unlimited talk, text, and data — with service for just a single line at $60 per month or lower. Many carriers provide deeper discounts when you add on more lines, but we focused on the fundamental unlimited plan for a single line.

Courtesy of Visible Wireless

Cost: $30 per month
Throttled Speed Cap: 50GB
Perk You Didn’t Know About: Visible leverages Verizon’s towers for its service

We’ve been testing Visible’s service for the past six months now and we’re most surprised by how simple it is to set up and start using the service. In fact, we’re astounded that we were able to do everything by simply downloading the Visible app to our unlocked smartphone and activating it with the embedded eSIM.

Speeds and coverage have been excellent since we’ve been using it, which shouldn’t be shocking given that it’s using Verizon’s towers. For new customers, we love that there’s the option to trade in your existing phone for a new one if the one you currently own isn’t compatible with its service.

And lastly, you get 5G Nationwide data if you’re in an area that offers it, along with its legacy 4G LTE connectivity — plus unlimited mobile hotspot to share your data. Visible also offers tons of great device deals, making it a great place to buy the new iPhone 14.

Courtesy of Mint Mobile

Cost: $30 per month
Throttled Speed Cap: 35GB
Perk You Didn’t Know About: There’s an limited offer right now to get 6 months of service for $90

After using Mint Mobile’s service for a span of two years, we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied by its excellent coverage, consistent speeds, and substantial savings if you choose to pre-pay for the service.

While its most basic unlimited plan starts at $30 per month for a single line, you’ll be tempted by the other offers at checkout that can bring down the cost to half the price. Specifically, there’s an option to prepay the plan for six months for just $90 — effectively making it $15 per month for the unlimited plan.

Beyond its cell phone plans, Mint Mobile has an aggressive offering on its phones too. They often come included with the service packaged into the price. 

Cost: $45 per month
Throttled Speed Cap: 20GB
Perk You Didn’t Know About: You need to be an existing Xfinity Internet customer to obtain Xfinity Mobile service

You might not be as familiar with Xfinity Mobile, since it’s one of the newer service providers on the scene, but it’s backed by America’s most reliable 5G network courtesy of Verizon.

Even though we’ve been testing Xfinity Mobile for less than a month, you should know first and foremost that it’s only available to existing Xfinity Internet customers. The basic unlimited plan costs $45 and offers unlimited talk, text, and data, but you can bring that monthly cost down to $30 per month when you have two lines — so it becomes $60 per month for those two lines.

We found the service to be reliable for the most part in densely populated areas, offering consistent speeds and clear phone calls.

Courtesy of T-Mobile

Cost: $40 per month
Throttled Speed Cap: 35GB
Perk You Didn’t Know About: Get a free year of ViX+ service for signing up

You can’t go wrong with Metro’s lowest-priced unlimited plan, which at $40 per month is still generous given that it’s backed by T-Mobile’s sprawling 5G network.

There’s always something to be happy about on Tuesdays because this unlimited cell phone plan package throws in extra perks in the form of exclusive free giveaways every week through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. You’ll have access to sweet deals on food, gas, entertainment, and much more by simply being a customer.

Courtesy of Cricket Wireless

Cost: $60 per month
Throttled Speed Cap: None
Perk You Didn’t Know About: HBO Max with ads service is included with the plan

So yeah, Cricket Wireless technically has the most expensive unlimited cell phone plan at $60 per month for a single line, but the biggest perk is that it includes service for HBO Max with ads.

Meaning, you’ll be able to not only watch TV shows and new releases through your smartphone using Cricket Wireless’ 5G network, but then you can launch HBO Max through your TV at home when you really want that home theater experience.

While that’s one of the perks we enjoyed using Cricket Wireless for almost a full year, we did notice that coverage wasn’t as good as some of the other services we tested. Plus, speeds were noticeably slower.

Courtesy of Google
Best for International

Cost: $50 per month
Throttled Speed Cap: 35GB
Perk You Didn’t Know About: You get built-in VPN and spam blocking

When Google Fi first launched under the Project Fi moniker, we absolutely loved it for its affordable monthly cost. In fact, it was the service we chose when we traveled abroad for its reliability.

Now, however, the monthly cost for its unlimited cell phone plan starts at $50 per month, which offers fast unlimited data service that’s throttled when you hit the 35GB mark. Despite that, it’s still incredibly simple to set up through the Google Fi app, which can be quickly activated if your phone uses eSIM.

If you can afford more with your budget, you might want to check out its Unlimited Plus plan, which includes international data coverage to over 200 destinations around the world, a year’s worth of YouTube premium, and 100GB of Google One cloud storage.