Money Mouse: The 5 Best Computer Mice Under $30

Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Reliable wireless connectivity
* Ergonomic, stress-relieving designs
* Multifunctional support

Whether you’re working at a desktop or using your laptop and ready to break free of the trackpad, a good computer mouse can take some of the tedium out of everyday computing tasks.

From making casual browsing a breeze to helping with design and photo work, a good mouse, like in the old fable, is not to be underestimated (the elephant and the mouse? The lion and the mouse? Anyway, there was a mouse, and this mouse was important). Here are 6 of the best affordable computer mice available now.


1. Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse

This JellyComb 2.4 GHz wireless mouse features a clean, elegant design and near-universal compatibility.

jelly comb wireless mouse Image Courtesy Amazon


2. VersionTech Gaming Mouse

Designed for performance and ergonomic comfort, this Version Tech mouse also boasts neat color changing graphics.

versiontech wired usb mouse Image Courtesy Amazon


3. Logitech M325

A simple and classic design, the Logitech m325 is the standard ergonomic two-button mouse with a central track wheel. It features comfortable rubberized side grip and requires no extra software.

logitech m325 Image Courtesy Amazon


4. Anker Vertical Mouse

This ergonomically-designed vertical mouse from Anker supports healthier “neutral” hand and arm position, and purports to reduce work fatigue and joint stress. A cool shark fin design is a bonus.

anker vertical optical mouse Image Courtesy Amazon


5. Logitech M570 Trackball

A high performance trackball that is compatible with a large variety of devices including laptops, wireless monitors and smart TVs, this clicker from Logitech lets you break free of the desk.

logitech wireless trackball Image Courtesy Amazon


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