Want a Reliable Computer? Here’s Why Reviewers Are Down With Dell

Want a Reliable Laptop? Here's Why

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For almost three decades, the top choice of most businesses has been Dell computers, with the global company securing their reputation as a leader in computers that are fast, reliable, and affordable. Known for their impressive operating systems and affordable prices, more people than ever are making the switch to Dell as their home computer, with the company offering a long list of options for every price point and processor requirement.

Once a company that required ample user knowledge in order to create your personal computer from scratch, Dell now offers an impressive lineup of pre-packaged computers that make it easy to buy a new computer and start using it the same day. Known for their long-lasting processors, we’ve included three Dell computers that have all been renewed and refurbished, helping to bring down the price while still maintaining the same quality that Dell has become known for.

All three Dell computers we’ve listed below run on Windows 10, making them great options for either personal or professional use. The computers feature various operating processes, internal memory storage, and added features, like DVD slots, multiple external USB ports, USB keyboards and mouse and more.

When looking for a computer, the first step is making a list of your requirements. What budget do you want to stay within? Do you need a graphics card that is large enough to handle high-resolution computer games, a processor that is fast enough to keep up with streaming, or can you save money by going for a more basic computer for surfing the web and basic files, like Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

Ready to add a Dell to your office? We’ve got three great options that won’t break the bank and will serve all your computing needs, from students to avid gamers to professionals.

1. Dell OptiPlex Intel Core 2 Duo

With 160GB of memory and an Intel Core i5 with 3.3 GHz processor, the Dell OptiPlex Intel Core 2 Duo is powerful enough to handle just about any project.

Pros: The Dell OptiPlex Intel Core 2 Duo is a great middle ground between our two options below. It has more memory than the Dell Inspiron Gaming PC with 160 GB of storage and has a faster processor than the Dell Optiplex Intel Core i5 with 3.3 GHz. Running on Core i5, the computer comes with a DVD player and USB WiFi Wireless adapter.

Cons: Where the Dell OptiPlex Intel Core 2 Duo is lacking is its RAM with only 4GB of memory.

Dell OptiPlex Intel Core 2 Duo

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2. Dell Inspiron Gaming PC

Packing a huge amount of Ram, a 4.6 GHz processor and running on Intel Core 7, the Dell Inspiron Gaming PC is the best fit for users for want speed.

Pros: Built for casual gamers, the Dell Inspiron Gaming PC features a 3GB graphics card and 16GB of Ram. With four USB2 ports and seven USB3 ports, the Dell Inspiron Gaming PC is perfect for users who want to use multiple monitors. Running on Intel Core 7 with an impressive 4.6 GHz processor, the Dell Inspiron Gaming PC is the fastest computer on our list.

Cons: The Dell Inspiron Gaming PC has the smallest about of memory of all three computers, with only 128 GB of storage space. It also doesn’t have a DVD or CD slot, though an external one can be attached.

Dell Inspiron Gaming PC

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3. Dell Optiplex Intel Core i5

Perfect for students, the Dell Optiplex Intel Core i5 has a 3.2GHz Processor and an 8GB Ram with the bonus of a USB keyboard and mouse.

Pros: With a 250GB hard drive, you’ll never run out of memory with the Dell Optiplex Intel Core i5. The computer runs on Intel Core i5, a 3.2GHz Processor and has an 8GB Ram for speed. The Dell Optiplex Intel Core i5 had a DVD and CD disc slot and customers like that it’s smaller than traditional towers.

Cons: The Dell Optiplex Intel Core i5 is not fast enough for most gamers.

Dell Optiplex Intel Core i5

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