The Best Ergonomic Mouse for Your Home Office Setup

best ergonomic mouse
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With working from home becoming a way of life rather than an occasional perk, you might have noticed that your desk setup might be leaving your hands, arms and wrists a little sore. While there are many ergonomic factors to consider, a big one is making sure you have a comfortable mouse to use. After all, it’s often the object you interact with most while working.

While any ergonomic mouse will be an improvement over standard options when it comes to hand and wrist pain, different types of ergonomic mice excel in different areas. A trackball mouse tends to be the preferred option for reducing strain in the hand muscles, while vertical mice are the go-to for wrist issues, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But everyone’s specific needs are different, so it’s important to think about what might work best for you and maybe try out a few options.

Diana Austrich
3 years
While the Sharkk is wonderful as a mouse, the company's customer service is totally the opposite. Their...

With that in mind, here is a list you should consider when looking for the best ergonomic mouse.

Diana Austrich
3 years
While the Sharkk is wonderful as a mouse, the company’s customer service is totally the opposite. Their…

1. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball


The Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball finds the middle ground between trackballs and vertical mice, offering a thumb trackball and the option to tilt the mouse 20 degrees upwards to take some strain off of your wrist. It also has eight fully-customizable buttons to allow you to fine-tune the functionality for maximum comfort, making this the top pick for the best ergonomic mouse. Logitech makes many of the best wireless mice, and their ergonomic models are best in class.

best ergonomic mouse- logitech mx ergo wireless trackballCourtesy of Amazon

2. Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball


For those really looking to take the strain off their hand muscles, the Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball is designed to minimize your fingers from scrunching up while you use it. Arm pain is also minimized while using a trackball because it remains stationary while in use. Like the other mouse options on this list, its buttons are fully configurable and it also has a scroll ring around the trackball, making it a strong choice.

best ergonomic mouse- kensington expert mouse wireless trackballCourtesy of Amazon

3. Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse


True to its name, the MX Vertical Wireless Mouse has its handgrip at a 57-degree angle. The benefit here is that your arm and wrist remain in a natural resting position instead of having to rotate downwards. Paired with a 4000 dpi sensor, Logitech promises that the MX Vertical reduces wrist strain by 10 percent and reduces hand movement by 4x. The result is an experience that provides much of the same precision as a typical mouse once you get used to handling it.

logitech mx vertical wireless mouse, best ergonomic mouseCourtesy of Amazon

4. Logitech MX Master 3


The Logitech MX Master 3 may not have a trackball or a vertical orientation like some of the best ergonomic mice, but for those seeking a typical mouse experience that’s more comfortable than the standard mouse, this sculpted design is the way to go. In addition to providing more natural resting places for your thumb and palm, the MX Master 3 comes with two thumb-controlled buttons and a scroll wheel, as well as support for gestures that minimize the amount you have to move the mouse with your arm. On top of that, the main scroll wheel is capable of scrolling through 1000 lines of text per second, making this a dream for a power user looking to avoid an RSI. Even better, these added buttons and scroll wheel come with custom presets for many of your favorite apps, including Chrome, Photoshop and Word.

Logitech MX Master 3, best ergonomic mouseCourtesy of Amazon

5. Anker 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Optical Mouse


If you are still uncertain if an ergonomic mouse is the right move for you, don’t spend most of the day working at your desk, or just can’t justify spending nearly $100 on a mouse, there are more affordable solutions, such as the Anker 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Optical Mouse. Like the Logitech MX Vertical, Anker’s mouse keeps your arm in the handshake position while using it. There are tradeoffs here, including a less precise sensor, a lack of Bluetooth connectivity and the need for two AAA batteries. But none of these are total dealbreakers, especially when you consider the cost savings.

anker 2.4g wireless ergonomic vertical optical mouseCourtesy of Amazon

6. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse


Compact, comfortable and cheap, the Microsoft Sculpt mouse is a minimalist’s dream. There isn’t a cornucopia of added controls here; just a blob-like form factor with a wedge cut out of it to make things as ergonomic on your right hand as possible. But one intriguing feature here for Windows users is the addition of a dedicated Windows button along the thumb rest, which could potentially save you from having to constantly reach for the keyboard with your left hand. Best of all, you can find this mouse for less than $50 most anywhere, making this one of the most affordable options on the list.

microsoft sculpt ergonomic mouseCourtesy of Amazon

7. Logitech M575 Ergonomic Trackball


The Logitech M575 may lack the added buttons and advanced functionality of the MX Ergo, but this thumb-controlled trackball is just as good when it comes to core functionality and it costs a fraction of the price. An updated version of the cult-favorite M570 that was around for over a decade, you still get an optical sensor that can track at up to 1200 DPI, wireless functionality via USB or Bluetooth, and five fully-programmable buttons that you can tweak with Logitech’s free software.

logitech m575Courtesy of Amazon

8. Kensington Orbit Trackball


As far as budget, finger-controlled trackballs go, you’ll have a difficult time finding a better option than the Kensington Orbit, which is a pared-down version of the Kensington Expert. The biggest difference between the two is that there are only two buttons instead of four, and some of the more nuanced features of the Orbit, like the smoothness of the scroll wheel, tracking precision and overall build quality are less than what you would get with the Expert. The Orbit is also wired, which is a little less convenient, but you at least never have to charge it. Otherwise, you can expect to buy a well-designed trackball that will save your wrists from hours and hours of repetitive movements.

kensington orbit trackball with scroll ring, best ergonomic mouseCourtesy of Amazon

9. Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Left Hand Mouse


People who use a mouse with their left hand are a rarity, but for those who do, there are ergonomic options out there. While a trackball such as the aforementioned Kensington Expert Wireless is perfectly suitable for use with either hand, those looking for a vertical mouse should consider the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4. While it doesn’t come in a wireless variant, it provides many of the same customization options as an ergonomic mouse for right-handers and comes from a respected brand that’s been in the space for nearly two decades.

evoluent verticalmouse 4 left hand, best ergonomic mouseCourtesy of Amazon


10. Razer Basilisk v2 Wired Gaming Mouse


The Razer Basilisk v2 Wired Gaming Mouse is roundly considered to be among the best gaming mice you can buy. This device has a 20,000 DPI sensor and advanced features geared towards FPS players. But when it comes to ergonomic options for gamers — a group that often suffers from repetitive strain injuries — it also sits at the top of any list. While this won’t provide the same level of support as a mouse designed specifically for ergonomics, it will undoubtedly be an improvement without sacrificing anything on the performance end.

razer basilisk v2 wired gaming mouse, best ergonomic mouseCourtesy of Amazon

11. Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse


Splitting the difference between a true vertical mouse and a horizontal mouse, the Goldtouch Semi-Vertical Mouse sits at a 66-degree angle that is optimized to keep your hand and wrist in a more natural position while reducing the amount of force required for button clicks. In addition, the Goldtouch comes with a flange accessory that keeps your palm off your hard desk surface and can be outfitted with multiple 5g weights to give you the precise feel you desire. Plus, with an adjustable 1600 dpi sensor, there’s more than enough precision here to make your extended computing sessions pleasurable.

goldtouch semi-vertical mouse, best ergonomic mouseCourtesy of Amazon