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The Best Game Boy Phone Cases To Give Your Phone That Retro Feel

The original Game Boy was one of the world’s first handheld consoles and by far one of the most beloved. It paved the way for modern mobile gaming (and in some ways, the Nintendo Switch) with games like Tetris, PacMan, and of course, Pokemon Red and Blue. While a lot of modern smartphone users won’t remember the platform due to its age, those of us old enough to remember spending hours with the Game Boy know how much fun it was.

These phone cases bring that same feeling, if only due to their look. These cases reflect a different era of gaming, when achieving a high score was more important than achieving a high play time. If you want to give your phone a retro look and feel that stirs up nostalgia in anyone that sees it, check out these Game Boy phone cases.

How We Chose the Best Game Boy Phone Cases

These cases aren’t picked haphazardly. We took the time to evaluate the cases based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Price
  • User reviews
  • Look and feel
  • Functionality
  • Durability

The most important function of a phone case is to protect your phone from drops and damage. These cases have to be able to provide protection above all else, but we also look at how much each case costs, whether what it brings to the table is worth that price, and more. While SPY hasn’t had the chance to get hands-on with all of these cases, we consider user reviews to be a strong selling point. If a lot of people dislike a case, we won’t recommend it.

Finally, we also look at the functionality of a case. Does it just look good, or does it actually bring value? Can you use it as an actual Game Boy and replay some of your favorite titles through emulation? Extra features can sway the decision on which case makes the cut.

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Ready to dive in? These are the best Game Boy phone cases to buy right now.


1. LucBuy Console Case for iPhone


The LucBuy Console Case for iPhone is more than just a decorative case — it actually comes with 36 games pre-installed within the case itself that can be played. It doesn’t rely on the iPhone to provide the power; instead, it provides the games and the buttons, along with sound. Play games like Pac-Man and Tetris and relive the glory days of portable gaming. Aside from this, the case is drop- and shockproof, as well as dust-proof, and available for all current models of iPhone all the way back to the iPhone 6.

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2. KJArrow Ultra Game Boy Case for Samsung Galaxy


If the idea of the LucBuy case sounds good but you don’t have an iPhone, check out this case from KJArrow for the Samsung Galaxy S21. IT looks a lot more like the original Game Boy than other cases, and it includes 36 built-in games. The case itself protects your phone from damage, and it has its own built-in battery so it doesn’t pull charge from your phone itself.

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3. WeLohas Game Boy Case for iPhone XR


The WeLohas Game Boy Case doesn’t have the same aesthetic as the original Game Boy, coming instead in a black color, but it still holds the same shape. The main selling point of this case is the whopping 168 games it has built into it. You can revisit a huge number of your old favorites and replay them all over again. Aside from the entertainment aspect of the case, it’s durable, shockproof, and scratch-resistant. The case also includes a tempered glass screen cover.

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4. Go-Volmon Game Boy Case for Galaxy S10


The Galaxy S10 has a limited number of Game Boy-themed cases available for it. However, the Go-Volmon case is one of the most popular options (especially by its review score). It includes 36 built-in games including Donkey Kong, Excitebike, Arkanoid and several others. It’s a durable case with decent battery life, although several users say the emulation platform leaves a bit to be desired.

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5. Autbye Retro 3D Game Boy Case


The Autbye Retro 3D Game Boy Case is one of the most popular Game Boy phone cases on our list. While it too has 36 games (the defacto go-to for these cases), it has five hours of battery life and takes only one hour to charge. The case itself feels good in the hand and provides high levels of protection for your phone, while still bringing that same retro look you’re expecting. It has a different variety of games, too, including titles like Super Contra and Mario Bros.

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6. Chu9 Game Boy Case for iPhone XR


If you’re using an older iPhone XR, this Chu9 case can give you all the nostalgia you could ask for. It’s available in red, black and the original grey, and includes fully-functional buttons and 36 games. Some users say the A and B buttons are opposite what you expect, but this Game Boy phone case isn’t designed to provide a perfect emulation experience — it’s meant to help you pass the time if your phone dies.

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