The Best Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Cases To Show Off and Protect Your New Phone

best google pixel 4 cases
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Smartphones are crazy expensive. The new Google Pixel 4 starts at $800. If you are willing to drop that much cash on the latest tech, it is a wise decision to protect your investment. A Google Pixel 4 case will protect your phone, and add a little bit of your personal style as well.

After all, spending an extra $10 – $30 on a case certainly beats spending $200 on a new screen. All it takes is a butter-finger moment and your phone could be ruined with a busted screen or camera. And Pixel 4 cases today aren’t bulky eye-sores, either. There are many cases available that protect your phone, while maintaining a slim profile and adding a unique design aspect.

You definitely want to keep your new Pixel 4 as new as possible. Here are our favorite cases to help protect your Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL.

1. Spigen Liquid Crystal for Pixel 4 XL


The Spigen Liquid Crystal case lets you show off your Oh So Orange or Clearly White Pixel 4. This clear Pixel 4 XL case doesn’t add unwanted bulk — its only 0.11 inches thick — yet still provides great protection from drops. The case even covers the buttons to further protect your new Pixel 4. The protection comes from Air Cushioned Technology that reduces the blow to your phone when its dropped. Drops are inevitable, but the grippy feel of the case should limit the amount of times this one lsips through your grasp. The case is for the Pixel 4 XL, and let’s the bigger model’s colors shine through, and it doesn’t cost much at all. It’s not only the best clear case we found, it is also one of the most inexpensive cases around.

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2. OtterBox Symmetry Series for Pixel 4


OtterBox make cases that make you feel as though your phone could survive a nuclear blast. Your phone will feel a bit bulkier compared to a case like the Spigen Liquid Crystal, but this polycarbonate and synthetic rubber case provides protection you’ve come to expect from OtterBox. The case is slightly raised around the screen to protect it from face-down drops. The buttons on the Pixel 4 will also be completely covered to further protect the phone. If you don’t mind the extra bulk, and a case that isn’t transparent, this OtterBox case for your Pixel provides long-lasting protection.

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3. Ringke Fusion-X Case For Pixel 4


The Ringke Fusion-X Case has one of the more unique designs you’ll see. It has a clear back, so you can show off your Oh So Orange Pixel 4, but TPU edges (thermoplastic polyurethane), add impact resistance for when you accidentally drop your phone. Hopefully, drops will be minimized by the feel of the TPU edges. The case is also slightly raised over the back cameras adding extra protection to arguably the most important part of your phone. It’s a great case that provides the transparency of a Spigen Liquid Crystal Case along with the protection of an Rugged Armor case.

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4. ESR Metal Kickstand Case for Pixel 4 XL


We understand not wanting to put a popsocket on your phone. They add extra bulk, and can take away the aesthetically pleasing characteristics of a good looking phone case. That’s where the ESR Metal Kickstand Case comes in. It features a pop out stand so you can prop your phone up vertically or horizontally whenever you need. The stand adjusts up to 60 degrees to dial in the best viewing angle. Beyond the stand, the case is made of flexible TPU that grips your phone and protects against drops. The raised screen and edges around the camera add a little extra protection from big spills. We like this Pixel 4 case for its versatility.

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5. Spigen Rugged Armor For Pixel 4


The Spigen Rugged Armor is built to protect your phone from your easy slips. The case has a rubber texture to keep the phone in your hands and off the ground. The case is made with a spider-web-like internal pattern that disperses energy away from the phone when dropped for better shock absorption. The buttons are covered as well to pile on the protection. Speaking of added protection, the case is raised over both the screen and the cameras to keep those elements safe. This rugged case will keep your phone covered and money in your pocket.

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6. Google Pixel 4 Wallet Case for Pixel 4


The Google Pixel 4 Wallet Case is another stylish way to ditch your bulky wallet. It only has one card holding slot, unlike the ProCase Pixel 4 which has two. Your cards can slide in and out of the leather pocket on the backside of the case. It’s really slim, which is a welcomed feature since the case doesn’t add any extra bulk to your phone. The top half the case has the same woven texture like the Google Pixel 4 case, but the bottom leather slit for your cards adds not only a little extra utility, but some added style. It’s a great looking case that gives you the option to ditch the wallet.

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7.  ProCase for Pixel 4


For those looking for a little more utility, the ProCase Pixel 4 wallet case is the Pixel 4 accessory you’ve been seeking. The case comes in both black and brown leather, with a soft feel and texture. When you flip the case open, there are slots for your ID and your credit cards, which eliminates the need to carry your bulky wallet around. There is a cutout for the camera, so you won’t need to remove your phone from the leather case to snap a quick picture. And the case conveniently seals shut with magnetic clips. The ProCase Pixel 4 Genuine Leather Case a top choice for those who want to ditch the wallet, but look great while doing it.

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8. ProCase Mirror Case Wallet for Pixel 4


ProCase makes stylish premium leather cases for Pixel 4, but the Mirror Case was designed for the female audience. It comes with three card slots for your ID and bank cards, and a little mirror for a quick glance to make sure you look your best. The mirror isn’t the only utility the wallet provides. The cover works as a built-in kickstand, so you can prop it up horizontally on a table and get multiple viewing angles. Like the ProCase Pixel 4, it clips closed with a magnetic clip, keeping your cards and ID safe.  It comes in three colors: black, gray and pink.

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9. Google Pixel 4 Case for 4 and 4 XL


Clear cases let you show off Pixel’s great new colors, but the Google Pixel 4 Case makes your phone stand out with a unique microfiber cover that not only looks amazing, but helps you grip your Pixel as well. It’s like a soft, knit sweater for your Pixel. It isn’t hard, or rigid like most cases, but it’s not bulky either. The case is made by Google specifically for Google phones, so you know the case fits just right. You will be sacrificing some protection that a case like the OtterBox provides, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a case that fits as well on your phone as the Google Case.

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