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Keep Your iPhone 13 Brand New With One of These Phone Cases

You’ve taken the plunge and made the investment on a new iPhone 13, and now it’s time to protect that investment with an iPhone 13 case. Trust us, there’s nothing more devastating than spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a new phone that already has a broken screen because you dropped it without a case. We promise, a new iPhone 13 case is much cheaper than iPhone repairs.

We’ve broken our list down between the three different screen sizes available for the new iPhone 13: Mini, 13 and 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. You’ll find iPhone 13 cases below that not only protect your phone but also add style and utility to your already incredible new phone.

Whether you got a Mini, 13, Pro 13 or Pro Max, we got you covered with the best iPhone 10 cases below.


The Best iPhone 13 & Pro Cases


1. Apple iPhone 13 Leather Case with Magsafe


The MagSafe leather case from Apple is a stylish, yet smart choice to protect your phone. The iPhone 13 case has magnets that line up perfectly with your phone so it can transfer wireless QI charging power through the case. That’s right, you don’t have to take your case off to charge your phone with a MagSafe charger. The leather looks stylish, snaps quickly and easily on your phone and provides plenty of protection.

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2. High Tide Layered Ocean Waves Case


Casely phone cases are created and produced right in Brooklyn, New York. And let’s be real — the coolest stuff comes from Brooklyn. This phone case is straight *fire emoji* with a pastel-colored wave design that will certainly separate your iPhone 13 from the rest. Beyond looking awesome, it also protects your phone thanks to shock-absorbing double-layered polycarbonate. Plus, you can charge your phone with a MagSafe charger without taking it out of the case.

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3. Mous Protective Case Limitless 4.0


Class up your phone with this wood grain-backed case from Mous. You’d think that something with a wood finish on it would be somewhat heavy, but you’d be mistaken — it’s actually incredibly thin and light. That being said, it still protects your phone from butterfinger moments with AiroShock impact technology. It’s MagSafe ready and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

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Courtesy of Amazon

4. Nomad Sport Case


This simple yet stylistic cover falls in our iPhone 13 size category, but you can get one that will fit the Mini as well as the 13 Pro Max. The design is a blank slate that comes in five different colors: black, lunar gray, dune, ash green and marine blue. It is razor-thin, adding virtually no bulk to your phone. This thin iPhone 13 case allows you to charge your phone with a MagSafe charger without removing the case and doesn’t mess with your NFC. Even though it’s thin, it can still protect your phone from drops up to six feet.

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5. UAG Pathfinder Series Case


You made a pretty big investment on a new iPhone, so you might as well protect it with a case that can withstand drops from 16 feet. This case looks heavy-duty, and does provide heavy-duty protection without being a thick, bulky case. Its low profile design with armored shell and impact-resistant core ensures your phone is plenty safe and also provides plenty of grip for your hands.

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Courtesy of UAG

The Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases


6. Totallee Clear iPhone 13 Pro Max Case


One thing that’s a bummer with many cases is it blocks the awesome color and finish of your iPhone’s backplate. With the Totallee Clear Case, you can let the color you chose for your iPhone 13 be the star of the show. It’s soft, yet rubbery providing plenty of grip for your fingers. And it’s made from durable TPU that gives your phone plenty of protection without any of the bulk.

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7. Spigen Tough Armor Mag Compatible


This iPhone 13 case keeps your new iPhone 13 Pro Max protected with air-cushioned technology that absorbs the shock when the phone takes a spill onto the floor. The iPhone 13 case has raised tactile buttons that are convenient to use and edges that provide a solid gripping surface for your fingers. It also has a raised lip for your camera for added protection. The best part, all this added protection doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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Courtesy of Amazon

8. Otterbox iPhone 13 Case


Otterbox is the O.G. of heavy-duty protective cases, but this Otterbox isn’t like the super bulky “life proof” ones you may be used to. Sure, the heavy-duty protection is still there, but with a slimmed-down design that feels better in your hand and pocket. There’s a port cover to block dirt, lint and dust from getting into the charging port and raised edges to protect the screen and camera. All that being said, it is still MagSafe and QI-friendly.

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Courtesy of Otterbox

The Best iPhone 13 Mini Cases


9. Torras Crystal Clear


Show off your new Mini and the color you picked by getting this Torras Crystal Clear case. Your phone won’t become a fingerprint magnet either thanks to a microdot pattern design that helps eliminate that issue. The edges are slightly raised to protect the screen and camera while flexible TPU around the phone provides a grippy surface for your hand to firmly hold. It’s also wireless charging compatible.

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10. SpiderCase for iPhone 13


This iPhone 13 case provides a grippy, yet protective rubber perimeter with a clear back to keep your phone’s wireless charging enabled and let your phone’s back shine on through. The case protects your phone from spills up to 10 feet above the ground. It even has a screen protector that snaps on and off the phone. All this protection doesn’t come at a steep price either as you can protect your phone with this case for as little as $13.

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