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These Are The Best Cases To Protect Your iPhone 14 From Unexpected Drops, Scratches, And More

The iPhone 14 is a solid improvement over previous generations with a lot of nifty new features, including satellite access and an always-on screen. In fact, the new iPhone 14 lineup might just claim the title of the best smartphone of the year (though we’re still in the process of testing it, for now).

One thing is clear, though: a new iPhone is a hefty investment. Even the base model starts at $799 and only goes up from there, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max will set you back $1,099. The last thing you want is to let a case of butterfingers end up cracking or scratching the finish on your brand-new phone, right?

Because new flagship phones are so expensive, we recommend using an iPhone case, and depending on your level of risk tolerance and clumsiness, a camera protector.

A case is never a bad investment, and these are some of the best cases available for any model of the iPhone 14.


Ampere Biodegradable Case

The iPhone 14 itself is made of largely recycled materials, so why shouldn’t your case be just as environmentally friendly? The Ampere Biodegradable Case is fully compostable and will break down in less than a year, and it’s made without any harmful toxins or dyes. Despite this, it’s rated for a four-foot drop, has a narrow profile, and is soft to the touch. You can find one for every size of the iPhone 14, starting at just $49.

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Courtesy of Ampere


Incipio AeroGrip

The Incipio AeroGrip is an easy-to-hold, protective case that lets you take full advantage of the iPhone 14 camera without worrying about it slipping from your hand. With 16-foot drop protection, scratch resistance, and an antimicrobial coating that prevents the growth of 99.9% of surface bacteria, it can protect your phone against threats seen and unseen. It’s also designed with recycled material, so you can feel good about using it. The Incipio AeroGrip comes in three colors and starts at $60.

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Courtesy of Incipio


Incipio Kate Spade New York Hardshell Case

If you’re looking for something a bit more decorative, the Kate Spade collection from Incipio is full of colorful designs that look great and provide a broad range of protection. They’re rated for drops from 10 feet and designed for use with MagSafe charging accessories, but also come with an antimicrobial coating. Like other Incipio products, the Kate Spade collection is also made with recycled materials. The cases are available in five different colors and start at $55.

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Courtesy of Incipio


Incipio Coach Protective Case

These Coach cases from Incipio add a certain flair to the iPhone 14. Available in two colors — Signature Blue Ombre and Signature Pink Ombre — the case is translucent enough to show off the natural design of the iPhone 14, but strong enough to protect against drops from up to 10 feet. It’s scratch-resistance, antimicrobial, and designed to work with MagSafe charging. There’s a limited lifetime warranty on all of these cases, and they start at $55.

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Courtesy of Incipio


Otterbox Defender Series

When it comes to iPhone cases, few names are as well-known as OtterBox. The Defender Series Pro XT is designed to work with the iPhone 14 Pro Max without infringing on its MagSafe charging capabilities. It’s a thinner case than most that retains the comfort you expect, and the two-piece design helps keep dirt away from your iPhone. There’s also an antimicrobial coating on the case that protects against bacterial growth. There’s even a spot to attach a lanyard for ease grip. Of course, this case also works with OtterBox screen protectors. All of these features come at a cost, though; the Defender Series Pro XT starts at $70.

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Nomad Modern Leather Case

While many case are flashy or rugged, the Nomad Modern Leather Case has a more subdued, sophisticated look. It doesn’t draw unnecessary attention to itself. Built with sustainably sourced leather, this case will develop a sort of weathered patina over time. Despite this material, it protects against drops up to 10 feet, has a spot for a lanyard attachment, and is completely MagSafe compatible. Starting at $50, this is the perfect case for someone that wants to keep their iPhone 14 a bit more subdued.

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Courtesy of Nomad


Clickr Clear Stand & Grip Case

The iPhone 14 has a great screen that’s perfect for watching content. Why not steal a few minutes during your lunch break and binge your favorite show? The Stand & Grip Case makes it easy to pop out the kickstand and set your iPhone up on nearly any surface. While it only lets it stand up vertically (sorry, no horizontal viewing), it’s an easy way to keep your phone screen at a glance. It’s also shock-resistant, with a raised bezel for screen protection. There’s also a 12-month warranty in case the case gets damaged. The Clickr Stand & Grip Case is slightly more budget-friendly, starting at $40.

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Courtesy of Clickr


Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Spigen is another highly-respected name in the world of phone cases, and the Rugged Armor case carries that tradition forward. Built from carbon fiber with multi-layered bumpers on every corner, it will protect every part of your iPhone 14 from drops. It’s compatible with wireless charging and MagSafe accessories and starts at just $40.

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