Hey Clumsy! Check Out the Top iPhone Screen Protectors to Keep That Screen Shatter-Free

iPhone screen protector
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Pop, lock and drop it. Wait, your phone screen isn’t covered in one of the best iPhone screen protectors? Abort mission. Do not pop, lock and drop it.

If you are anything like me, dropping your phone is a regularity in life. For real, I must drop my phone at least 15 times a day. I can’t help that my hands are constantly clammy. I’ve talked to my doctor about it and he said it was fine. Nonetheless, my phone does not care, she stays slipping.

Thankfully, my phone case is from Casetify, so it’s essentially indestructible. Well, minus the screen. See, although Casetify makes an extraordinarily structured phone case, there isn’t any screen coverage. So, if you drop your phone on any uneven terrain or anywhere a rock might happen to be sitting, you’re pretty much screwed. Therefore, in addition to my phone case, I have an iPhone screen protector laid on top of my screen for good measure. Because given the way 2020 has been going, cracking my iPhone screen would really be the icing on the cake at this point.

Whether you invested your coin in a protective phone case like me, use any ‘ole phone case from Amazon or *shivers* choose to keep your iPhone bare naked, you totally need to slap one of the best iPhone screen protectors on to ensure your phone stays as sleek as it was the day you bought it. While there are screen protection options for a majority of iPhone models at this point, I’m going to focus on primarily iPhone 11s and XRs because I heard on the streets that if you have any earlier model there is a 90% chance your skin will wrinkle faster and you might be a little uglier.

With that all being said, here are the best iPhone screen protectors to keep that screen safe in 2020. Just be sure to thank me the next time you drop your phone.


1. Mkeke iPhone 11 Screen Protector


This is a message to other iPhone screen protection options that range beyond a $10 price point: stay mad. You do not have to break the bank in order to have the best iPhone screen protector money can buy. For just $7, this brand from Amazon will send you three case-friendly clear screen protectors that fit on both iPhone 11s and XRs. The cases are featured a tempered glass film that are 99.99% touch screen compatible, meaning you can use this protector on the same way you’d use your phone with it off. It’s incredibly easy to install, and once it cracks, slip it off and replace it with one of the two others provided. The cases have over 86,000 reviews on Amazon, with the overwhelming majority being extremely positive. Given the price, these might crack a bit more quickly than a more expensive screen protection alternative, but, hey, it’s cheap. You can’t hate that!

Mkeke iPhone 11 Screen Protector Courtesy of Amazon


2. Ailun Glass Screen Protector


It’s hard to compare and contrast this screen protector from the one mentioned prior, because essentially, they’re almost the same thing. Like the previous, this comes in a pack of three, is made with tempered glass film and can fit on both iPhone 11s and XRs. Although while this one obviously protects against cracks and scratches, it also protects against sweat and oil residue caused by fingerprints. Which, for me, is a huge plus. I already told you about my clammy hand issue. This product is a #1 Amazon Best Seller and has almost as much great reviews as the Mkeke and comes at the exact same price. Well, minus two cents.

Ailun Glass Screen Protector Courtesy of Amazon


3. Alpha Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XR


You know the feeling. You just finished eating three empanadas from the empanada lady across the street from the train station. She didn’t give you as many napkins as you needed. Your fingers are covered in grease, but nonetheless, your phone is buzzing and you need to answer it. Without thinking, you shove your slimy hand into your back pocket, whip out your phone and all of a sudden, it’s on it’s way to the ground. This part is in slow motion, you yell, you scream, you panic and your phone lands face down. You pray. You pick it up, hoping for the best and see the worst. Your phone is completely shattered.

With this screen protector from OtterBox, this will never happen again. Ever. This mega-clear, anti-shatter case for iPhone XRs (and potentially iPhone 11s) will resist any and all scratches, cracks and smudges for the rest of your phone’s lifespan. Though it’s on the pricier side, keep in mind, it’s OtterBox. The brand does not play around when it comes to safety. If you’ve ever owned one of their incredibly protective phone cases, you’ll know that through and through. With that being said, this is one of the best iPhone screen protectors on the market, if you’re willing to dish out the extra cash.

Alpha Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XR Courtesy of OtterBox


4. Casely Protector


Though I mentioned that I was primarily going to shove iPhone 11 and XR cases down your throat, I might have fibbed ever so slightly. You can snag this screen protector from Casely for any iPhone model 6 and up as well as for a slew of Samsung devices, too. This protector is, like the others, made from a tempered glass film that prevents any dings, scratches and cracks after any tumble. Though only one screen protector comes with this, Casely’s protector is strong, responsive and as clear as it gets. Right now, the protector is also on sale for just $10, so get it while you still can.

Casely Protector Courtesy of Casely


5. InvisibleSHIELD Glass+ Privacy


Stay sneaky with this screen protection option that’s treated with a two-way, side-view privacy filter that provides 100% screen privacy from all angles except for the front. That means, when you’re doing something on your phone that you want nobody else to see (like researching spoilers to Clare’s season of The Bachelorette), nobody will ever know what you’re up to. From their angle, all they’ll see is black. Like our prior picks, this case is also completely smudge-resistant and is made with the most advanced impact-shatter protection available. So you can stay down low and safe 24/7.

InvisibleSHIELD Glass+ Privacy Courtesy of InvisibleSHIELD


6. SPARIN Screen Protector


If you’re known amongst your town as the person who can crack a phone simply by looking at it, we recommend the more screen protectors, the better. This four-pack is great for those who constantly scratch or crack their screen protectors no matter how hard they try not to. When one’s ruined, simply replace it again and again and again. Honestly, might as well even buy a second pack, clumsy. Additionally, this option is great for a family of four that needs protection.

SPARIN Screen Protector Courtesy of Amazon


7. EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector


Maybe, the sole purpose for your screen protection search is to rid that heinously bright blue light from your phone. If that’s the case, look no further than EyeJust. If you didn’t already know, blue light affects your eyes negatively in various ways. It penetrates the retina and damages cells, suppresses production of melatonin and fastens fine lines you’re supposed to get when you’re, like, 60. No wonder I can’t see, can’t sleep and look like I’m 45 years old at the age of 24. Aside from being blue light blocking, this phone protector is completely shatterproof and anti-shock for ultimate protection.

EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Courtesy of EyeJust