These iPad Keyboard Cases Make Typing on Your iPad or iPad Pro a Cinch

ipad keyboard cases
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iPad cases are good, but iPad keyboard cases are better. An iPad is not a cheap, throw away investment. They are ingenious tablets of advanced technology that should be looked after as best as possible. And, they have features far beyond what many iPad users realize. One of the best ways to take advantage of your iPad’s capabilities is to pair it with an iPad keyboard case. 

Attaching your iPad to a keyboard case is like transforming it into a laptop. Plus, they’re super light, easy to use and available in a range of different makes and models to suit all tastes and tablets.

The best iPad keyboard cases make using an iPad an even more enjoyable experience. Here are some examples of how:

  • Typing – A touch screen keyboard is not as fast a way to type up your assignment or get through your inbox. Having a physical keyboard to type on increases speed, efficiency and accuracy.
  • Reading – When it comes to reading time, you can often remove the keyboard without detaching the full case. Many cases feature set positioning points which are great for reading without holding your iPad. 
  • Facetime – Having your face right up to the screen isn’t the most attractive way to Facetime, so having the ability to detach your keyboard and use it from further afield can be a great advantage. You can have your iPad screen positioned exactly where you want it and type into the chat box using the keyboard right next to you.
  • Traveling – It’s not easy or particularly glamorous to pull out your laptop when going from A to B. However, having an iPad attached to a keyboard case is both easy to do and a convenient way to travel with technology. All of a sudden, quickly finishing a few emails before you reach the office or researching the answer to a question you’ve been wondering about becomes effortless. 

When shopping for your new iPad keyboard case or other must-have accessories, it is important to check the model of your iPad to make sure the case you want to buy is compatible. If you order a keyboard case that’s not suited to your iPad, you may find the cut-out areas of the case for the camera, speaker and buttons are in the wrong place. In this way, the iPad will not be secure within the case. However, if you take the time to make sure you opt for a correctly matching case for your iPad model, you’ll notice all of these features are exactly where you need them. Your iPad tells you its model number by following the below steps:

1. Open the ‘settings’ app from your home screen.

2. Then click into ‘General,’ followed by ‘About.’

3. The next screen displays the model number of your iPad.

We’ve searched through the iPad keyboard cases online and selected the 13 best designs. They’re available in a range of materials and colors, and they offer a large range of flexibilities, viewing angles and added features, such as Apple pencil holders and chargers.


1. YEKBEE iPad Keyboard Case


All in all, the YEKBEE iPad Keyboard Case is a sound investment to upgrade your iPad’s security level and typing capabilities. It’s compatible with iPad 7th and 8th gen, Air 3rd gen and Pro 10.5 inch, which are some of the most recent iPad models. Seven different standing positions are possible by utilizing the case’s patented 360-degree hinge. Each of the keys features a laser-etched letter or symbol, and they are all backlit by a choice of 10 different colors. The case is available in black, silver and a range of pastel-colored metallics, such as ocean blue, purple and rose gold.

ipad keyboard cases yekbee Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Apple Magic iPad Keyboard Case


The Apple Magic iPad Keyboard Case is the ultimate iPad keyboard case. Created by the iPad parent and completed to the highest quality, this case is a masterclass in delivering advanced technology with style. The floating cantilever design allows the screen to float at a mid-level height, which is a feature not achieved by other keyboard cases. Both the front and back of the iPad are protected when the case is closed. The keyboard area also features a trackpad, and the side of the case has a USB-C port to enable charging while in use. This keyboard case has got it all.

apple magic keyboard ipad air Image courtesy of Amazon


3. ProCase 10.2 iPad Case


The ProCase 10.2 iPad Case combines security and functionality to deliver a modestly priced, quality product. With a particular focus on the quality of each key, this keyboard case utilizes individual spring mechanisms to ensure an accurate and efficient typing experience. It’s available in black, navy or rose gold and has a microfiber lining to protect against scratching. The thick leather-like exterior also adds a strong protective layer to avoid damage.

ipad keyboard cases procase new Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Logitech iPad 10.5 Keyboard Case


Logitech designed their iPad 10.5 Keyboard Case in partnership with Apple. No batteries or Bluetooth are required by this product, as the Apple smart connector does all the necessary power and connection work. The keyboard is easily detachable and features backlit keys, which can be adjusted to three preset brightness levels. A slide through Apple Pencil holder is integrated at the top of the screen, and the micro hinge attaching the case to the keyboard base reclines up to 50 degrees for your viewing pleasure.

logitech ipad pro keyboard case Image courtesy of Amazon


5. JUQITECH iPad Keyboard Case


The JUQITECH iPad Keyboard Case is available in a wide variety of colors to suit all styles. It’s compatible with 10.2-inch 7th or 8th generation iPads and features a magnetically attached keyboard. A small red light indicates when the keyboard needs charging. Once full, the light no longer glows. Two charging cables are included with each order, which is ideal for having one at home and one at work to ensure your typing is never held back by a low battery.

juqitech case Image courtesy of Amazon


6. COO iPad 9.7 Keyboard Case


Designed exclusively for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, this case features a high-quality leather build and a soft microfiber interior to help prevent scratches and other superficial marks. It also includes a removable keyboard and built-in magnetic clips to help it open and close with ease. It’s available in a range of colors, including rose gold, black and red, each of which features a small white COO logo on the closing corner. Plus, the wireless Bluetooth connection between iPad and keyboard couldn’t be easier to set up. They’ll automatically search for each other when powered on and connect with no password required.

COO iPad 9.7 Keyboard Case Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Dodocool iPad Keyboard Case


Keep your iPad in total safety with the Dodocool iPad Keyboard Case. If you’re prone to being clumsy or have been known to suffer from butter fingers, this is the keyboard case for you. It’s designed for 9.7-inch iPads and features a wired keyboard to enable a reliable and highly efficient connection. The heavy-duty, anti-drop casing pays particular attention to the corners of your iPad to ensure an all-around protective layer. It also features a pull-out stand which can be used to position the screen at a 50 degree angle, ideal for viewing when using the keyboard to type.

dodocool ipad case Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Phixnozar Keyboard Case


Not all iPad keyboard cases feature a touchpad, but the Phixnozar model does. It’s a fantastic additional feature. While the touchscreen of your iPad is still enabled when connected to the keyboard, having a touchpad mouse to control the cursor can be extremely useful. To save power, the keyboard enters sleep mode when it’s not used for 10 minutes. Additionally, the rainbow-colored backlights turn off when they’re not touched for four seconds, but they light up as soon as you begin typing again.

phixnozar ipad case Image courtesy of Amazon


9. CHESONA iPad Keyboard Case


If you use an Apple Pencil, this is the iPad keyboard case for you. To wirelessly charge your Apple Pencil, place it on the top ledge of the CHESONA iPad Keyboard Case. This clever case has been designed with the Apple Pencil in mind both for charging and storing purposes. The QWERTY keyboard is held in place by its magnetic back, so can be detached and reattached with ease. When fully charged, the keyboard’s battery life lasts for up to 80 hours or 120 days on standby.

chesona case Image courtesy of Amazon


10. GreenLaw iPad Case


Compatible with all 9.7-inch iPad models, this slim keyboard case from GreenLaw is available in multiple colors, including black, blue and papaya. All of the options feature keyboard backlights in seven different colors. With three different brightness levels, this keyboard performs great in low light and offers viewing from all angles with its 360-degree rotating hinge. The case fits snug around the screen, and the keyboard side lines up with precision, keeping the overall size as slim as possible.

GreenLaw iPad Case With Keyboard Image courtesy of Amazon


4. BAIBAO iPad Keyboard Case


With the BAIBAO iPad Keyboard Case, you can break the mold of block colors and showcase a scenic beach-inspired image. The decorative exterior features areas of small, cut-out holes to release heat and keep your iPad cool. There is also an integrated Apple Pencil holder under the screen for safekeeping. This case is designed for 9.7-inch iPads, which includes a variety of new models and older models, too. Additionally, BAIBAO offers 30-day hassle-free returns, so if it turns out the island-inspired case isn’t for you, you can claim back your money with ease.

baibao ipad case Image courtesy of Amazon


12. ZAGG Rugged Book Durable Case


This extra-durable multi-layered iPad case comes packed with exciting features to keep your iPad safe, enabling a better user experience. For clear visibility, the wireless Bluetooth keyboard is backlit, and for a secure hold, the main hinge is magnetic. There are also integrated magnets that activate the awake and sleep modes when the case is opened and closed. Strong polycarbonate is used for the outer shell which covers a stainless steel plate placed for premium protection.

ZAGG Rugged Book Durable Case Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Alpatronix iPad Case


If you were one of the early birds when it came to iPads and are the proud owner of a 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation model, the Alpatronix iPad Case will give you a blast of the future. Above the QWERTY keyboard is a range of shortcut buttons, including brightness, playback and volume control. After you sync your iPad to the wireless keyboard for the first time, it then automatically connects in the future. The opening and closing of the case links to the awake and power saving modes of the iPad to save energy. At full charge, you can type for over 100 hours or leave it on standby for 800 hours.

ipad keyboard cases alpatronix kx100 Image courtesy of Amazon


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