3 Laptop Screen Covers to Block Blue Light and Reduce Harmful Glare

laptop privacy screens
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Protect eyes against harmful glare and blue light from your screen
* Keeps prying eyes from seeing what’s on your screen
* Made to reduce glare, filter negative “junk light” and protect screen from dust and dirt 

In this modern age, we are spending hours a day on our screens between our smartphones and laptops. What may not be an obvious problem is the glare and blue light that emanates from your digital screens.

To combat this so-called “junk light,” there are blue light blocking glasses to wear throughout the day as well as supplements to help build up the vitamins and antioxidants that occur naturally in our eyes.

But to have a permanent impact on your vision, we recommend investing in one of these screen protectors designed specifically for the ever-popular MacBook Pro laptop. They all slide over your screen and help fight long-term damage from all that screen time. Users may notice a difference in their eye fatigue, eye dryness, and have less blurred vision. Not to mention, you keep people around you from easily seeing what you’re typing, and your screen gets an added shield against the elements (fingerprints, oils, dust), for longer lasting tech.

1. Viyoya Magnetic Privacy Screen Protector

Designed to keep your MacBook Pro 13″ computer screen private from onlookers with a “blackout” feature, this protector has multiple features making it a top contestant in this roundup. With the capability to block out 97% of UV light, it curbs the blue light from your eyes by 70%. It also battles dust and dirt that easily builds up on screens. What makes this screen so user-friendly is the magnetic feature that allows you to pop the protector on and off of the screen, though you might want to just leave it on for its full effects to take place.

Viyoya Magnetic Privacy Screen Protector Courtesy of Amazon


2. Yakai Privacy Filter Screen Protector

With the same “blackout” screen feature as above, this protector is designed for the MacBook Pro 15.4″ computer screen. With blue light and UV light-filtering capabilities, you can pop this on and off your screen for convenience.

Yakai Privacy Filter Screen Protector Courtesy of Amazon


3. PerfectSight Anti Glare and Blue Light Filtered Screen 

Made to fit the MacBook Pro 13″ computer, this tempered glass material of the protector provides excellent screen clarity. You don’t have to sacrifice a quality viewing experience when placing a protector on screen for added light filtration because of its effective anti-glare feature and smooth finish.

PerfectSightAnti Glare and Blue Light Filtered Screen  Courtesy of Amazon