We Found The Best Laptop Stands for Every Type of Workstation — Starting at $22

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Laptops are great and all, but anyone who’s had to spend long hours working at one knows how fatiguing they can be. From stiff necks to carpal tunnel syndrome, there is no shortage of modern maladies looming in the cramped, hunched-over positions forced on us by laptops. Keeping your laptop on your lap or a lap desk can be great, but your bad posture will get to you in the long run.

Now that the work-from-home life has become the norm, we’re looking for ways to stay healthy and productive in home offices, at ladder desks and anywhere we can find peace and quiet. Laptops provide flexibility, but sometimes they need a little boost — to stay cool underneath and reach a more ergonomic height. You know, the same way your desktop computer does. Over the years, our editors have tested ergonomic laptops stands from brands such as Grovemade, Fluidstance and Rain Design.

To relieve that strain and help avoid the pitfalls of the laptop, we gathered the best laptop stands for more comfortable computing. Keep reading to find the best laptop stand for your workspace, whether you have a standing desk, a traditional writing desk or prefer to work on the go.

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1. Rain Design iLevel 2


This laptop stand is as easy to control as it is stylish. This laptop stand holds your portable 11-inch laptops up to your hefty 15-inch machines. The slider in front adjusts the tilt. It’s that simple. It’s plenty sturdy and looks great on your desk. If there’s any complaint, it doesn’t raise your laptop as high as other stands, but that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Rain Design iLevel 2 best Laptop stands Courtesy of Amazon

2. Moft Laptop Stand


This is one of the most unique and inventive laptop stands for sale in 2022, and our site director Tim Werth is a big fan of the folding, origami-inspired design. Moft is a crowdfunding success story, and its slim, lightweight, portable laptop stands are built to be strong with little fabric and material — like this one. It sticks to the back of your laptop and can fold in and out whenever you wish to prop up your laptop. It’s thin, easy to apply, and can swing into action whenever and wherever you need it. Plus, it comes in a variety of attractive colors, including this space grey.

MOFT Laptop stand, best laptop stands Courtesy of Moft


3. Grovemade Wood Laptop Riser


Grovemade always does it right. This handsome wood laptop riser is one of the best laptop stands if you want to keep handsomeness at the forefront. It keeps your screen extra-high and tidy using a wooden base, aluminum holder and merino wool cushioning for laptop support. The back has a spot to loop your wires to diminish any messy wiring, keeping everything where it truly needs to be.

Grovemade Wood Laptop Riser Courtesy of Grovemade


4. Nulaxy Ergonomic Laptop Stand


Nulaxy makes sturdy phone, tablet and laptop holders, and this aluminum ergonomic stand is one of the best. We’ve even featured the brand’s very similar phone holder in our guide to the best gifts for men. The $22 stand is compatible with laptops ranging in size from 10-15 inches and elevates the screen up six inches to eye level. This helps keep your posture straighter, ease tension on your neck, and reduce back pain and eye strain. It’s made of 5mm aluminum alloy and can be disassembled easily for compact storage at the end of the work day if your desk needs to become the kitchen table.

Nulaxy Ergonomic Laptop Stand Courtesy of Amazon


5. obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand


This stand improves posture and comfort by raising off the desk 21 inches, along with adjustable tilt, so you can position your laptop to be as comfortable as possible. When not in use, it sinks back down to collapse into a 2-inch platform off the desk. There’s even a cut-out area on the platform to let your computer breathe, which helps with overheating. You can also spring $10 more and get the laptop stand with a phone stand option.

obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand Courtesy of Amazon

6. Fluidstance Raise Laptop Stand


This brand specializes in making your workspace more comfortable, and their new desktop monitor riser does just that. One of our editors, Taylor Galla, got sent this riser to try out and vouches for its sleek, ergonomic design that frees up space on your desk and elevates your monitor the perfect amount. It has four silicone feet on the bottom that keep it very steady and creates storage space underneath by being the perfect elevation level above the desk. It’s also made of eco-friendly materials and comes ready to use with no assembly required.

It’s designed to pair with their Slope desktop whiteboard, which we’ve reviewed and loved previously on SPY.

Fluidstance Raise laptop stand, best laptop stand Courtesy of Fluidstance


7. Boyata Laptop Stand


Made from sturdy aluminum, the Boyata laptop stand is great for those who want to express themselves in a world of color. Okay, well, there aren’t too many eye-popping — but there are at least some nice choices. This stand inclines at different angles to keep your laptop secure and sturdy. It stays steady to make sure your laptop won’t fall. It’s also vented on the platform to help keep your laptop from overheating.

Boyata Laptop Stand Courtesy of Amazon


8. Pyle Pro DJ-style Laptop Stand


Looking for the best laptop stand for DJs? The DJ-style Pyle Pro Laptop stand is designed to help party DJs multitask by creating an easy, functional place for a laptop to sit amongst other equipment. Unlike your dance moves, it should work as well in the office as it does in the club.

Pyle Pro DJ-style Laptop Stand Courtesy of Amazon


9. Lifelong Ergonomic Laptop Riser


Like the obVus Solutions laptop stand, this essentially turns your regular desk into a standing one by being able to lift your laptop up to 20 inches off the desk’s surface and tilt it for maximum comfort. It, too, has a vent to keep your laptop from overheating, while the vented platform supports both small laptops as well as devices up to 17 inches in size. So even if you have a big and hefty machine, this stand can support it.

Lifelong Ergonomic best Laptop stand Courtesy of Amazon

10. Kentevin Adjustable Laptop Stand

BEST 2-in-1

This adjustable laptop stand from Kentevin is height-adjustable between 5.5 and 7 inches and has non-slip rubber surface pads on the bottom to keep it in place. It’s compatible with laptops up to 15.6 inches and is convenient to carry if you travel to a different work spot. The bottom has a rotatable turntable so you can turn your computer to share with others, and it has a smartphone bracket on the left side for dual viewing while you work. The stand also lifts your laptop off your desk, allowing for adequate heat dissipation and better computer performance.

Kentevin Adjustable laptop stand, best laptop stand Courtesy of Amazon


11. Bestand Store Aluminum Cooling Laptop Stand


This laptop stand is made of 7000 series aluminum alloy, giving it excellent corrosion resistance, hardness and wearable quality. It has a 66-pound bearing capacity which makes it perfect for heavy laptops, as well as an ergonomic design that brings your computer up to eye level, easing neck tension. There are silicone pads on the top that keep your laptop from slipping and on the bottom to hold the whole stand in place.

Bestand Store Aluminum Cooling Laptop Stand, best laptop stands Courtesy of Amazon


12. Rain Design Laptop Stand


This laptop stand raises your computer to eye level at most tables and desks, helping to reduce back and neck strain. It also features aluminum heat sink construction and a handy cable organizer to keep your space clean and uncluttered.

Rain Design Laptop Stand Courtesy of Amazon


13. MonoPrice Ultra Slim Sit-Stand Riser Desk Converter


If you want more of a flat platform riser, the MonoPrice Ultra Slim Stand fits the bill. Not only is it good for your laptop, but there’s enough surface area for an all-in-one style PC. This stand turns your “unable to do anything than be a desk” desk into a standing one. It’s available in three finishes — black, aluminum and white, and can raise 15.7 inches off the ground.

Monoprice Ultra Slim Sit best Laptop stand Courtesy of Amazon

14. Sofia Plus Sam Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk


Working from home often doesn’t mean sitting at a dedicated desk. Many of us will fire off a few emails from our couch or sitting in bed. There’s no shame, but it’s sometimes not the most ergonomic or comfortable way to work. The Sofia + Sam lap desk certainly helps. The bottom portion is memory foam, so the desk rests comfortably on your legs, while the top surface is hardwood and fits laptops and a mouse that’s up to 17 inches.

Sofia Plus Sam Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk Courtesy of Amazon

15. Vivo Swinging Arm Stand


The Vivo swinging desk-mountable arm stand clamps to your desk and is fully adjustable. Great for artists, designers, engineers and anyone who has to glance at a laptop while keeping their desk free for other things, this arm can even “stand in” for some far costlier “standing desk” options.

vivo dual mount swing arm stand for laptop Courtesy of Amazon


16. Samson Free Standing Laptop Stand


Think of this Samson laptop stand as a tripod for your laptop. Height adjustable, it lets you type while standing, something recent research suggests may have great health benefits. It reminds us of those hi-tech desks that elevate when you no longer want to sit down — at a much, much better price.

samson laptop tripod stand Courtesy of Amazon


How We Chose The Best Laptop Stands

Laptop stands are just as diverse as laptops. We examined these choices based on several factors, including price, utility, and features. Choosing stands with varying price points allows readers with different budgets to have options, while the utility and components play a role in determining who each riser would be best for. SPY editors have tested most of the products featured in this guide, but we did make a handful of selection based on research, reviews and brand reputation. Click here to read more about how we test products.

This article was last updated on September 10, at which time we added new selections from Nulaxy, Rain and Fluidstance based on our testing and personal experience. We also removed several products that we no longer recommend.


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