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The Best Light-Up Phone Cases Provide More Than Just Razzle Dazzle

In the past, our phone cases have been waterproof, soft and even square. They’ve doubled as wallet cases, while others have acted as a stand. These days, cases are taking on a life of their own. If you need a little illumination in your life, consider a light-up phone case. The best light-up phone cases come in a variety of styles and, while they can add a little pizzazz to your phone’s look, they can also serve an additional and helpful purpose.

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Why Do I Need a Light-Up Phone Case?

The best light-up cases aren’t just carnival attractions with spinning lights designed to impress your pals. If you’re someone who takes a ton of selfies, you’ll love the extra light boost these cases provide. You’ll be able to take that perfect shot with almost professional-style lighting because the lights often encircle the lens of the camera — right where you’re looking. They can also help make you look more refreshed if you’re spending a lot of time on video calls. Rather than looking like you’re in the dark, these cases can flatter and highlight your face.

Light-up phone cases can also double as a flashlight, allowing you to save your phone battery for more important tasks. Some of them even have flashing light modes that can sync with your tunes, providing that fun carnival-style light show.


What Do I Need to Know?

Most light-up cases have a separate internal battery and charge via USB cable. Keep an eye out for the brightness level the case offers. You’ll also want to look into the color temperature, as that can affect the quality and look of photos. If you’re taking a lot of selfies, you’ll want something that can provide a warm, soft light, and it helps if it’s adjustable.

Many light-up cases do offer some adjustability to aim or focus light, and some have a dimming feature to help you control the brightness and swing between color temperatures.


How to Choose a Light-Up Phone Case

Whichever phone case you choose, you can expect not just a beautifying and flattering light, but a handy illuminator if you ever need help unlocking the car, opening the front door or finding your remote under the sofa. While many of these case manufacturers are making products primarily for the ultra-popular iPhone lineup, there are options out there for every type of phone, including light-up cases for Samsung Galaxy phones, clips that will work well with a Google Pixel phone and lights for other phone users too. If you’ve got a suggestion for a case that should be on our list, particularly for other brands of phones, let us know and we’ll include them in future updates.


1. LuMee Halo by Case-Mate


Case-Mate has made a name for itself in the light-up phone case world, and the LuMee Halo is an eye-catcher. It has a ring of lights around the center of the case, providing that extra brightness, and a built-in variable dimmer. It also has lighting along the sides of the phone for video calls. Plus it works with a pop socket on the phone.

Best light up phone cases


2. DGPAKA Selfie Ring Light Case


The DGPAKA Selfie Ring Light Case takes a different approach to providing illumination. Rather than a case that has the light built-in, the DGPAKA has a hinged light that sits around your camera at the top of the case and can be flipped up to use from either side of the phone. There’s a button that turns the light on and off and adjusts the brightness of the light. It’s also wireless charging compatible.

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Best light up phone cases


3. AUYOUWEI Illuminated Selfie Light


The AUYOUWEI Illuminated Selfie Light case uses two light strips along the sides of the case to give you all the light you’ll need for that perfect shot. There’s a small round button at the bottom of the case that turns the light on and off. It also has a flash mode, as well as an SOS mode if you ever find yourself taking selfies in the backwoods. One to two hours of charging via micro USB offers between five and six hours of usage.

Best light up phone cases


4. Vajunn Selfie case


The Vajunn Selfie Case features strip lighting along the front of the case, and the transparent sides help project that light peripherally. The case offers a 20-minute charge for 60 minutes of working time via a micro USB cable. A single button turns the light on and off and also adjusts between the front and back lights, as well as activating the flash mode.

Best light up phone cases


5. FAYSEN LED Light-up Case


FAYSEN’s case offers a stylish, fun look to their light-up cases. Not only do these cases light up, but they look good doing it. With several bold designs, they’ll get some attention. There are seven different LED modes on the case, and you can activate them via voice command. The lights can also flash in time with the music on your phone.

Best light up phone cases


6. CPG DOTS LED Light Up Case


The CPG Dots case focuses on keeping your phone safe from a fall with a thick silicone case. It has rows of LED lights along the back, which can be set to three different temperatures of white light as well as red, green, blue, yellow, cyan and purple. The lights can be set to change in time to your music. There is a brightness adjustment for the 54 lamps, with full control from 1 to 100 percent. The battery offers between 90 and 120 minutes at full brightness and charges via USB.

Best light up phone cases


7. FENELY Selfie Ring Light Clip


The FENELY Selfie Ring Light Clip isn’t a full-on case but rather a ring light that clips onto your phone — making it a great choice if you’re already attached to your phone case or if you don’t have an iPhone. It has three brightness levels and uses 36 bulbs to make it happen. A charge will last you over an hour, and it can be used with a wide variety of phones. It has a built-in battery and can be recharged via a USB cable.

Best light up phone cases


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