Spell of Protection: The 6 Best Lord of the Rings Phone Cases

lord of the rings iPhone case
Lord of the Rings phone case

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* Hobbit and Lord of the Rings inspired iPhone Cases
* Featuring original Tolkien-themed art pieces
* Protection for your “precious” iPhone

One does not simply walk into Mordor, especially without a case on one’s iPhone. Luckily for Lord of the Rings fans, you can show your appreciation for the wonders of Tolkien’s world while keeping your iPhone in a “spell of protection,” with these six amazing Lord of the Rings phone cases. Each one features original LOTR-inspired art by designers and artists from around the world. So whether you’re as attached to your phone as ol’ Gollum was to the “precious” ring, or just want a cool case that stands out and reminds you there’s more to the realms of earth, Middle or otherwise, than can be found within the confines of a phone’s screen, check out these artful high fantasy phone cases.

1. Gate to Moria iPhone Case

This one features an art piece inspired by the Gate to Moria, which Lord of the Rings stalwarts will remember as the enchanted doorway to the former Dwarf kingdom and sometime Goblin realm, guarded by the Watcher in the Water.

Gate to Moria lord of the rings iPhone case Courtesy Redbubble


2. Fellowship of the Ring Case

Showing the fellowship of the ring in an iconic silhouette as the nine of them set off on their quest, this case is subtle but instantly recognizable to LoTR fans.

fellowship of the rings iPhone case Courtesy Redbubble


3. Lothlorien iPhone Case

A cool art-nouveau inspired take on the Tolkein iconography, this iPhone case recalls those beautiful old illustrated versions of Arthurian and Medieval legends which may well have inspired JRR, offering distraction and escape from the author’s traumatic wartime experiences.

Lord of the Rings iPhone case lothlorien Courtesy Redbubble


4. The Fellowship Phone Case

Evening. A lonesome road into the dark wood. Distant Mountains. And the tiny figures of a wizard and some hobbits. Truly, a phone case to inspire courage in any Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit fans.

Fellowship lord of the rings iPhone case Courtesy Redbubble


5. Riding to Rohan

This one has a cool, symbolist-inspired take on the “Riding to Rohan” sequence from The Two Towers. Seems as though the artist was going for something along the lines of “what if Marc Chagall or Odilon Redon illustrated Lord of the Rings.”

lord of the rings riding to Rohan phone case two towers Courtesy Redbubble


6. Treebeard iPhone Case

If you’re a fan of the Ents, this gorgeous line drawing of Treebeard and Tree Spirit is just the thing.

Lord of the Rings LoTR treebeard ent iPhone case Courtesy Redbubble